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Rhythm Couture CEO Kyle Hunter aka K. Sparks has released his E-Course entitled The Music Licensing Blueprint™. The course is designed to help musicians learn the process of getting their music placed into TV & Film. K. Sparks has written and recorded over 1,000 songs. His musical placements in TV & Film have been featured on various outlets such as The STARZ hit series show Power, BET, NBC, Calvin Klein, Marie Claire, Powerade with Lebron James, and many more.”Music Licensing is a huge industry.

Television and Cinema require music to be incorporated within different scenes. This course teaches musicians how to pitch and land placements”. The Music Licensing Blueprint provides musicians with various concepts such as understanding Music Licensing (Non-Exclusive, Exclusive, etc), how to create income streams from sync (Active, Passive, Portfolio), breakdown of strategic partnerships (Power of Collaboration, etc), how to successfully pitch Music Supervisors and more.When asked how he feels his course will positively impact musicians, K. Sparks was quoted as saying “Given the present musical landscape things have changed. Back in the day artists were given lucrative record deals worth millions. Presently things have changed.

Album sales have declined and we are in the streaming era. Despite these drastic changes, there is always opportunity. Artists have the advantage of getting their music placed in TV & Film which pays extremely well. Music Licensing is big business. My business is to ensure musicians can get music licensing revenue”.

The Music Licensing Blueprint™ contains 10 modules that cover a wide range of topics. A few of these topics include the importance of Copyrights & Performing Rights Organizations, utilizing the DAD Method (Do’s & Don’ts of Music Licensing), Effective Song Success (Thinking outside the box), Pitching Music Supervisors, Quality vs. Quantity, Persistence Wears Down Resistance, and much more.If you are a musician seeking to learn about Music Licensing, and want to start earning revenue from having your music in TV & Film; the Music Licensing Blueprint™ is a valuable tool for your music career.

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