How to Correctly Use the Precision Cellulose Filter JLX-45?

Precision cellulose filter element JLX-45 is a commonly used filter element for liquid filtration, often used in conjunction with regeneration device water removal filter elements TX-80 and WU-63 coarse filter elements, to reduce the acid value of EH fire-resistant fuel in power plants, improve conductivity, and impurities in the oil.

The usage method is as follows:

1. Installation: According to the design requirements of the filter, correctly install the precision cellulose filter element JLX-45 into the filter housing. Ensure that the filter element and housing are well sealed to prevent liquid from bypassing the filter element and causing inability to filter.

2. Pretreatment: Before formal use, it is recommended to pretreat the filter element JLX-45, such as removing impurities and residues on the surface of the filter element through backwashing, rinsing, etc., to achieve the optimal filtering state of the filter element.

3. Filtering operation: Filter the liquid that needs to be filtered through the filter element. When the liquid passes through the filter element, the precision cellulose filter element JLX-45 will prevent the passage of impurities, particles, suspended solids, and other substances, thereby achieving the purification and separation of the oil.

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