How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Lights?

How To Choose The Right Swimming Pool Lights?
The cool and refreshing swimming pool is indeed a wise choice for the hot summer, but the sun is too strong during the day and the light is not enough at night. What can help?

Every swimming pool needs swimming pool underwater lights to ensure lighting. In addition to swimming pools, underwater lights are also used for hot springs, fountains pool, landscape pools, and massage pools etc. It can be used not only for the lighting of the bottom of the pool, but also for the swimmers to see the condition of the pool, adding joyment and safe to the pool.

In recent years, swimming pool lights have been optimized and designed. The lamp body uses new anti-corrosion materials and a transparent cover with extremely high light transmission strength. The appearance is small and delicate, and the chassis is fixed with screws. Swimming pool lights are generally LED light sources, which are called fourth-generation lighting sources or green light sources. They have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, small size and long life. It is generally installed in swimming pools, hot springs or landscape pools with a strong viewing and lighting function.

1. Dust-proof and waterproof grade identification.

The dustproof rating of lamps is divided into 6 levels. Level 6 is high. The waterproof level of the lamps is divided into 8 levels, of which the 8th level is advanced. The dustproof level of underwater lanterns should reach level 6, and the marking symbols are: IP61–IP68.

2. Anti-shock indicators.

The anti-shock indicators of lamps are divided into four categories: O, I, II, and III. The international standard clearly stipulates that the protection against electric shock of underwater lighting fixtures in swimming pools, fountains, splash pools and similar places shall be Class III lamps. The working voltage of its external and internal circuits should not exceed 12V.

3. Rated working voltage.

The installation of swimming pool lights must be strictly controlled below 36V (a special transformer is required). Swimming pool underwater light is a luminaire installed under the swimming pool and used for lighting. It is not only waterproof, but also electric shock. Therefore, its rated working voltage is generally very low, usually 12V.

The rated working voltage of the lamp is the parameter index of the lamp, which directly determines the working environment of the lamp, that is, the actual working voltage must be consistent with the rated working voltage. Otherwise, either the light source is burned out due to excessive voltage, or the lighting effect cannot be achieved due to too low voltage. Therefore, general underwater lights need to be equipped with transformers. The transformer provides a stable voltage so that the swimming pool underwater lights can work safely and steadily.

Greatpool swimming pool lights not only have the characteristics of waterproof, low voltage, stable performance, safe and reliable, but haxe the unique design of multi-function, colorful and highlights. In addition to meeting the swimming pool lighting function, it also provides unlimited possibilities for the colorful decoration of swimming pool. It is Ideal for pool owners and operators!

According to different installation designs, Greatpool swimming pool lights are divided into three categories, namely wall-mounted pool lights, embedded pool lights and waterscape lights. Guys can choose right light as they requirement.

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