How to choose the most suitable surgical instruments for surgery?

When a hospital chooses surgical instruments, what important factors they should consider? How to choose the best suitable ones should be exactly important.

1. Brand is very important when purchasing surgical instruments

Because when purchasing surgical instruments, the choice of brand is very important. The quality of instruments from famous brand instruments can be surely guaranteed and each instrument could be retroactive in production. For example, Hongyu Medical instruments must be strictly tested and accurate according to the requirement of standards and orders. All the instruments could be warrantied by free maintenance lifetime.

2. What procedures are performing? Published research papers usually indicate which instruments other researchers have used for similar procedures. The correct surgical instrument for a particular procedure makes a difference in the outcome of that technique.

3. What is the size of the subject? The size of instruments always depends on the purpose of your instruments. Like scissors could be divided into tissue scissors, tying scissors. Their sharpness is not the same.

4. How often will the instrument be used? If performed more than 100 cuts per day, a pair of titanium scissors or a pair of scissors with tungsten carbide inserts would be worth considering. They stay sharp longer. In Hongyu Medical provides two lines for choice, including stainless steel and titanium material.

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