How To Choose Right Carbide Tools For CNC Machining Cutting

The technology of CNC milling machine is constantly developing and its functions are more perfect.

Nowadays, the technology of CNC milling machine is constantly developing and its functions are more perfect. Therefore, everyone has higher requirements for milling cutters on milling machines. There are many commonly used types of milling cutters according to their purposes, we should choose the milling cutter according to the purpose of milling cutter, so as to be more targeted, I hope the above content can provide reference for you to choose milling cutter.

End milling cutters are often used to process the peripheral contours of planar parts, used for vertical milling machine, face milling machine or gantry milling machine, upper processing plane, there are cutter teeth on the end face and circumference, and there are coarse and fine teeth. Ball nose milling cutter and taper milling cutter are often used in the processing of some solid profile and variable oblique profile.

In free-form surface machining, because the cutting speed of the end of the ball nose cutter is zero in order to ensure the machining accuracy, the cutting distance is generally very small so the ball-end milling cutter is suitable for finish machining of curved surface.

End milling cutter is far superior to ball-end milling cutter in both surface quality and processing efficiency. Therefore, when roughing and semi-finishing surface, end milling cutter should be selected as far as possible, on the premise of insuring that parts are not cut

In addition, tool durability and accuracy have a great relationship with tool price. lt must be noted that in most cases, although choosing a good tool increases the cost of the tool, the improvement of processing quality and efficiency will greatly reduce the whole processing cost.

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