How To Choose Which Bristles Are More Suitable For Customers?

When choosing a toothbrush, you should be familiar with the arrangement of your oral teeth, choose a toothbrush with a size, shape, and moderate hardness of bristles. Generally speaking, choose a toothbrush with medium hardness and a small brush head. How long a toothbrush can be used depends not only on the quality of the bristles, but also on how the user uses and protects the toothbrush. Generally speaking, the domestic toothbrushes currently on the market will bend after 1-2 months, or 2-3 months. The curved toothbrush bristles are not only difficult to clean the food residue between the teeth, but also scratch the gums. Therefore, if you find that the toothbrush bristles are bent, you should immediately replace it with a new toothbrush.


Although teeth are small parts of the body, it is by them that people can taste delicious food. In order to let everyone understand the tooth cleaning products currently on the market, on the occasion of the International Love Teeth Day on September 20, I will take you to understand the current situation of tooth cleaning products on the market. The toothbrush plays a vital role in the cleaning of the teeth. It moves up and down to remove the food residues adhered to the teeth and between the teeth. With the increasing attention of modern people to dental health, electric toothbrushes have appeared in recent years, and set off a new revolution in the field of oral health care.


On the one hand, compared with traditional toothbrushes, electric toothbrushes can clean teeth more effectively in a limited time and avoid oral problems through their high-frequency vibration; The injury debate never stops, either. Under such circumstances, how can we choose an electric toothbrush that best meets our needs?

The working principles of most electric toothbrushes on the market are roughly divided into two types. One is the more traditional mechanical type: using the motor to achieve a high-speed rotation effect to clean every part of the oral cavity; while the other is the most current The popular sonic type, many people have cognitive misunderstandings about the “sonic electric toothbrush”, thinking that its working principle is to use “sonic” to brush teeth. But in fact, the sonic toothbrush uses the vibration frequency of the sound wave to drive the bristles to move up and down quickly to achieve the effect of cleaning the mouth.

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