How To Choose A Wall Mounted Toilet? Precautions For Wall Mounted Toilets

Wall mounted toilets originated in developed countries in Europe and are very popular in Europe and Australia. In recent years, wall mounted toilets have gradually become popular in China and are increasingly being touted.

How to choose a wall mounted toilet? Precautions for wall mounted toilets!

“Because I bought a new house last year, and then I started to decorate it, but I don’t quite understand the choice of toilets.”. At that time, my husband and I were responsible for different house decoration tasks, and the heavy responsibility of choosing and purchasing toilets fell on my shoulders.

In short, I have studied the toilet, intelligent toilet, intelligent toilet lid, and wall mounted toilet all over. This article is mainly about sharing the purchase strategy of wall mounted toilets. “I also take this opportunity to explore the origin, characteristics, key points for attention, and shopping suggestions of wall mounted toilets. It’s also worth investigating.”

Origin of wall mounted toilet

Wall mounted toilets originated in developed countries in Europe and are very popular in Europe and Australia. In recent years, wall mounted toilets have gradually become popular in China and are increasingly being touted. Many international high-end buildings have adopted the design and installation method of wall mounted toilets inside, which looks very high-end and fashionable.

Wall-mounted toilet is an innovative design that hides the toilet’s water tank, corresponding sewage pipes, and toilet bracket inside the wall, leaving only the toilet seat and cover plate.

The wall mounted toilet has the following advantages:

Easy to clean, no sanitary dead corners: As can be seen from the picture, the wall mounted toilet is hung on the wall, and the lower part does not contact the ground, so there is no sanitary dead corner. When mopping the floor, the ash layer under the wall mounted toilet can be completely clear.

Space saving: Therefore, the water tank, bracket, and sewage pipe of the toilet are hidden inside the wall, which can save space in the bathroom. We know that the bathroom space in commercial housing, especially in small apartments, is very limited, and it is difficult to make shower partition glass because of the limited space. But if it’s wall mounted, it’s much better.

The displacement of wall mounted closestool is not limited: if it is a floor mounted closestool, the position of the closestool is fixed and cannot be changed at will (I will explain in detail later), but the wall mounted closestool can be installed at any location. This flexibility allows for the ultimate in bathroom space planning.

Noise reduction: Because wall-mounted closets are installed into the wall, the wall will effectively block the noise caused by flushing the closets. Of course, better wall-mounted closets will also add a noise reduction gasket between the water tank and the wall, so that they will no longer be disturbed by flushing noise.

Reasons for the popularity of wall mounted toilets in Europe

One prerequisite for the popularity of wall mounted toilets in Europe is that they drain on the same floor.

Drainage on the same floor refers to the drainage system inside a house on each floor that is embedded with pipes in the wall, runs along the wall, and finally connects to the sewage riser on the same floor.

In China, the drainage system for most commercial residential buildings is: interlayer drainage (traditional drainage)

Interceptor drainage refers to the fact that all the drainage pipes inside the house on each floor sink to the roof of the next floor, and all of them are exposed. The owner of the next floor needs to design the suspended ceiling of the house to hide the drainage pipes to avoid affecting the aesthetics.

As you can see, for drainage on the same floor, the pipes are built into the wall and do not cross to the next floor, so flushing will not disturb the neighbors downstairs, and the toilet can be suspended from the ground without a sanitary corner.

“The pipes for drainage in the next floor all pass through the floor and sink to the roof of the lower floor (as shown in the figure below), which greatly affects the aesthetics, so we have to do ceiling decoration.”. The problem is that even if ceiling decoration is done, it will still be affected by the noise of upstairs flushing, making it difficult for people to sleep at night. In addition, if the pipe leaks, it will directly drip onto the ceiling partition of the lower floor, which can easily lead to disputes.

It is precisely because 80% of buildings in Europe are designed with drainage systems on the same floor, which provides the cornerstone for the rise of wall mounted toilets. The reason for its gradual popularity throughout Europe. In China, most of the building drainage systems are partition drainage, which determines the location of the toilet drain outlet at the beginning of construction. The distance from the drain outlet to the tiled wall is called the pit distance. (The pit spacing for most commercial residences is either 305mm or 400mm.)

Due to the early fixing of the pit spacing and the reserved opening being on the ground rather than on the wall, we naturally chose to buy a floor mounted toilet, which lasted for a long time. “Because European wall mounted toilet brands have entered the Chinese market and started promoting wall mounted toilets, we have seen more beautiful and elegant designs, so we have started to try wall mounted toilets.”. Currently, the wall mounted toilet has started to catch fire.

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