How to choose a professional and affordable astronomical telescope for beginners

The disadvantages of these astronomical telescopes on the market is either too much trouble to assemble and debug, either the body is bulky, and some stargazing time is long, the eyes are tired.

For adults, these problems can be overcome, for children, it is very unfriendly to use.

So intelligent, good operation, high-definition astronomical telescope appeared, that is BeaverLAB intelligent telescope.

This telescope to use the overall feeling is very convenient, including the two aspects of carrying, control, cost and clarity are very high, beginners can easily get into the professional astronomical telescope.

Very easy to install and carry


This astronomical telescope from BeaverLAB, a device equivalent to astronomical telescope + digital camera two in one, super practical !

First of all, BeaverLAB TW1 Pro Smart Telescopes use a super long focal length of 500mm and a large aperture of f/6.1, 80X500 optical focal length, and 4 layers of FCM coating, which can easily achieve long-distance observation shooting.

With such precise values, we can easily observe asteroids, exoplanets, comets, the Sun, the Moon, and other celestial bodies.

In addition, it is a high configuration astronomical telescope that can be connected to a cell phone / tablet to observe the stars through a large screen. (No more squinting to observe)

Through the self-developed app, send the observed images to the device in real time, because it comes with WiFi, even in the suburbs without signal, it can send smoothly.

Not only that, the telescope’s APP also comes with photo and video functions, which can easily record the observed starry galaxy and fantastic scenes!

In fact, BeaverLAB TW1 Pro Smart Telescopes can not only stargaze at night, but outdoor enthusiasts can also take it with them at any time during the day to go bird watching and see distant landscapes, both in heaven and earth!

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