How to Be A Good Pet Owner: Some Tips About Pet Care

How to Be A Good Pet Owner: Some Tips About Pet Care

Pets, human’s most loyal friends, will stay with you and enrich your lives. In 1993, Harvard University Health Survey Report showed that people with pets typically have lower blood pressure, more stable heart rates and more peaceful mind. All these studies tell us that keeping pets can change moods, reduce illness and pain. Nowadays more and more people keep pets. If you also want to keep one, you need to get some knowledge about pet care and know how to pick the right pet supplies. Below are some tips for you.

Some Feeding Tips

Before keeping pets, it is very important to make sure that you have enough time, enough space, and enough money. What’s more, you must love this breed of animals with full of patience. Remember not to make a rush decision, and take your time to learn as much as you can before keeping pets. As you may know, Pets are not only our companions in our life, but also need our company and care because of being afraid of loneliness and solitude. Therefore, you get some responsibilities when keeping pets. It is not an impulse, let alone a desire to be fresh and fashionable.

If you are a first-time pet keeper, you can talk to your friends who are pets owner for some advice or go to a pet store for consultation to make the right choice. Then, Choose what you like and you can afford based on your ability and specific situation. For example, if you want a pet with better interactivity, you can choose to keep a cat, a dog or a rabbit because they are very smart and have good learning ability.

In the process of keeping a pet, you need to understand its habits and feeding points because each pet has its own unique lifestyle. In the case of a cat, you should know exactly the amount of food it eats, the food it needs to feed, the common diseases, the nutrition it needs and the food it should not be fed. Try your best to know your pets. It’ll be useful for you to get along with them better and give them the best care. Additionally, please remember that underfeeding will make your pets hungry and overfeeding make them obesity. The regular feeding is necessary and will develop their good eating habits and maintain the gastrointestinal system well. 

Vaccinating your pets is a vital component of responsible pet care. In order to make your pets be away from sickness and those germs or parasites, remember to deworm your pets and bring them to take vaccinations. Also, pay attention to clean your pet’s utensils, bath your pet regularly and wash your hands regularly.

How to choose cat and dog food?

Check The Information on the Product’s Packet. You should pay attention to ingredient list:

The top five of the ingredient list should be different kinds of meat. 

Refuse animal offcuts such as offal and other trimmings. 

Do not choose food contain grains or contain vegetable protein. 

Do not choose non-essential additives such as food attractants, preservatives.

Pick Reliable Brands. The brand is an important factor when you making the online purchase. The quality of products produced by large factories is more secure. If there are well-known research institutions involved in research and development or technical support, the production of product quality is more secure.

You can observe whether the pet loves to eat this food and whether there will be allergies.

Read Refund Policy. The refund policy and shipping terms tell a lot about an online store. Reliable online stores have refund policies that favor their customers. If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of a product, the store should give you an opportunity to return it and get a refund or a replacement.

How to choose pet accessories?

For cat, you need buy cat litter, cat litter box, food bowl, water bowl, snacks, comb. For dog, you need buy food bowl, water bowl, teething bars, dog traction rope and so on. If you don’t know how to choose pet supplies, you can visit these online pet stores to shop what you need . They are ChewyPetco, Trusted Housesitters, Pet Care Supplies, Only Natural Pet.

Which brands are offering pet supplies?

Many pet brands. For example, Chewy, Petflow, Canada Pet Care, Only Natural Pet, Budget Pet Care and more.

Can I get some discounts at these pet stores?

Yes, of course. Many pet stores offer discounts. Below are some examples:

Petco — 20% off all dog training and $10 off orders $50+.

BudgetPetCare — extra 23% off all orders plus free shipping.

PetSupermarket — $5 off $30+ orders and 30% off your first order when you sign up for Autoship.

Chewy — $20 off first order $49+ for new customers.

Only Natural Pet — 15% off new eco-friendly toys & bowls.

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