How To Adjust The Hydraulic Breaker By Changing The Piston Stroke

How to adjust the hydraulic breaker?

The hydraulic breaker is designed to adjust the bpm (beats per minute) by changing the piston stroke while keeping the working pressure and fuel consumption constant, so that the hydraulic breaker can be widely used.

However, as the bpm increases, the impact force decreases. Therefore, the bpm must be adjusted according to the working conditions.

The cylinder adjuster is installed on the right side of the cylinder. When the cylinder adjuster is fully tightened, the piston stroke is maximized and the shock force (bpm) is minimized.

Conversely, when the adjuster is loosened about two turns, the piston stroke becomes minimum and the impact force (bpm) becomes maximum.

The circuit breaker is delivered with the cylinder adjuster fully tightened.

Even with the adjuster loose two turns, the shock didn’t increase.

valve regulator

The valve regulator is mounted on the valve housing. When the adjuster is open, the shock force is increased, and fuel consumption is increased, and when the adjuster is closed, the shock force is decreased, and the fuel consumption is decreased.

When the oil flow from the base machine is lower or when the hydraulic breaker has been installed on large base machine, the valve adjuster can control the amount of oil flow artificially.

The hydraulic breaker do not operate if the valve adjuster is fully closed.

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How To Quickly Change Excavator Attachments With A Quick Hitch?

In the case of frequent replacement of excavator attachments, the operator can use the hydraulic quick coupler to quickly switch between the hydraulic breaker and the bucket. No need for manual insertion of bucket pins. Turning on the switch can be completed in ten seconds, saving time, effort, simplicity and convenience, which not only improves the excavator’s working efficiency, but also reduces the wear and tear of the excavator and the attachment caused by the replacement.

What is Quick Hitch Coupler?

A quick hitch coupler, also known as a quick attach coupler,is an accessory that allows you to quickly change excavator attachments.

HMB quick coupler has two types: manual quick coupler and hydraulic quick coupler.

The operation steps are as follows:

1、Rise up the excavator arm and slowly grab the bucket pin with fixed tiger mouth of quick coupler. Switch status closed.

2、Open the switch when the fixed tiger mouth grabs the pin tightly (Buzzer alarming). Quick coupler cylinder withdraws back and at this time, lower the quick coupler movable tiger mouth to the bottom.

3、Close the switch (the buzzer stopping alarming) , the movable tiger mouth stretching out to grab the other bucket pin.

4、When it completely tops the pin, plug the safety pin.

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