How the Largest Online Garden Fountains Vendor Has Opened Up the Market with a Huge Limited Time Discount on All Purchases

The Gardens Gates is happy to announce to the public, especially to the teeming population of home garden lovers and builders, that they are offering a huge discount on all purchases. This comes as the company celebrates its 20th year in the business. As a way of marking the anniversary, the company has decided to deliver the same architectural and functional excellence that they have delivered for those two decades, to those who would take advantage of the discount offer.

This is especially beneficial to those who buy their garden fountains as they can save a lot of money on an already affordable high-quality luxury product.

The Garden Gates is a one of a kind company in the home and garden products business. They offer a wide range of products for the home including outdoor fountains, pottery, statues, indoor décor, and many more. The company has established itself for its classy collection of the most beautiful and architecturally fascinating products ever. Founded about two decades ago, the company has come a long way in serving thousands of homes in that time. They are now announcing their biggest discount offers yet on their outdoor wall fountains and other products as a way of marking their anniversary. This announcement comes as great news to those who are looking for the affordable and top quality patio fountains to buy.

While making the announcement at a press conference organized by the company, Chad Harris, the co-owner and founder of the company expressed delight at how they have been able to overcome the challenges the company had faced in the course of delivering excellence to their customers. He said, “This Company was established with a passion and an obsession for giving homeowners the best in the garden and outdoor decoration products. This has been more challenging than most people could imagine because it means we couldn’t put just any garden fountains that we find on our platform. We have had to make difficult choices and constantly stay in the hunt for the right products to meet the demands that we get.” Visit the website at to get the knowledge about patio fountains.

While speaking specifically about the discount offer, Mr. Harris said, “The Company offers a limited time discount on all products from outdoor wall fountains to the most beautiful indoor décor. It is a well-known fact that the company is committed to the happiness of our customers. This shows in the quality of the products we sell and in how we serve our customers.” While delivering his address, he further reiterated the commitment of the company and how the period of celebration has renewed their commitment to delivering better products going forward. He said, “Our customers have confidence in our services, and we do too. That is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee on any product that we ship to them, which they don’t like. We also show our commitment by offering them free shipping on all purchases. This discount offer is another way of showing the same commitment.”

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