How Ovaze Is Changing The Way People Discover Favorite Music In 2020 & Why People Need To Download It

Today I had the chance to sit down with Ethan Sefchik, one of the founders of Ovaze; one of the fastest up and coming music discovery platforms currently available on the app store. Ethans here to break down how the app works, how it came to be, what the future holds, and more importantly why everyone needs to download and begin using Ovaze!

Hey Ethan thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today, you must be so busy with your application ‘Ovaze’.  Is Ovaze currently available on the app store for download? If so, who has access to download it?

Hey Joe! Yes, Ovaze is currently on the app store and available to all iOS devices for free.  In the future, it will be available to Android users as well!

What part of the business do you spend most of your time working on?

Currently, I spend a lot of time working on the upcoming updates for Ovaze.  Now that we launched the app, it is time to work out the inevitable bugs and to continually update and improve the platform.  This is all a new process to us, but the launch was just the tip of the iceberg.  We have a lot planned for the future.

Can you explain to the readers more about what Ovaze is and what it does?

The most common misconception is that Ovaze is another streaming platform like Spotify or Apple Music.  Ovaze is a free app that functions as an accessory for the current streaming platforms.  Users are able to navigate multiple pages on our application to search and view which platforms music is available on, view the top charts, view newly released songs on each respective streaming platform, and keep up to date on music news.  No matter which route a user takes to end up on a song, they will be able to open that song directly on their desired platform, or play the song directly on our interface to see if they are interested in that particular song.  Our upcoming update has many new features in addition to these that will revolutionize the way music is discovered.

That’s incredible! What inspired you to create the application?

Although Ovaze is a mobile application, my early ideas weren’t related to technology. I’m always thinking of new concepts and find that I enjoy the process of creating something out of nothing. For example, I created a prototype for improving consumer food handling for the food industry and it’s still something that I play around with today. However, Ovaze came out of love and inconvenience. I love music! I can’t go a day without it. However, I became frustrated by having to jump to different streaming apps to find certain music, as well as struggling to really discover artists and music to listen to.  I wanted everything to be done in one place.  Out of that love and inconvenience was born a one stop shop for everything music from news to discovering the new artists gracing the music world.

That’s great so this is already active with daily users, so cool! In that case, what does the future of Ovaze look like, any new features you’d like to announce?

Like I mentioned before, we just launched the app so we are still working on gaining users.  Our first concern was that the application worked correctly after launch.  Now, we can focus on the updates and gaining users along with it.  We have a ton of features planned for the next updates.  We believe there is a lot of potential and endless possibilities for the future of the platform we have created.

Can you explain why this app is both great for both artists and listeners ?

Listeners will benefit from this app because it provides them an all in one place to discover, find, and access music as well as music news. On the other hand, artists will benefit from the application because it makes music easier to find, therefore increasing the exposure for artists. The app also includes a new released page where you can choose your genre(s) and see all of the music released to the most popular streaming platforms.  This feature allows you to see all recently released music instead of just what your current streaming platform recommends to you. 

What separates your company from a platform such as Spotify or Apple Music?

As I mentioned before, we are not a streaming platform but instead a hub for the music world.  We function as an accessory to the current streaming platforms.

How do you stay in touch with the community for feedback, updates, etc?

We can be contacted at the contact us page under the settings in the app itself.  Additionally, we can be reached via direct message on our Instagram account @ovazeapp or the contact us link on our website

Well Ethan, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and discuss Ovaze and its future, where can I and our readers download the application?

You can download the app now on all iOS devices via the app store!

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