How often should sweaters be washed?


1. The sweater manufacturer turns over the inner layer of the sweater wholesale, and soaks it in warm water that has completely dissolved the laundry detergent for about 5 minutes.

2. After slowly squeezing the sweater and letting him soak, don’t scrub the dirty stains vigorously to prevent the sweater from deforming.

3. Then wash the foam with cold water, and instruct to wash it until it is clean. If it is not cleaned, there will be yellow stains on the sweater when it is dried.

4. Cover the cleaned sweater with a large dry towel, then roll it all up and let the towel absorb the excess moisture of the sweater.

5. When airing, remember to lay the sweater flat until it is 80% dry, then wrap the sleeves in a net bag, and dry it on a bamboo pole.

6. When the sweater is 90% dry, use an iron for ironing clothes to flatten him, and then dry it until it is completely dry and ready to wear.

Ways to keep sweaters from fading

First prepare a basin of tap water, add a few drops of Shanxi white vinegar in the tap water, then wring out the sweater soaked in the laundry detergent and put it into cold water with white vinegar, soak the tea leaves and wait for the tea to cool, then pour it in. Put the sweater soaked in white vinegar in a basin of clean water, soak for about 15 minutes, so that the sweater will not fade.

The sweater factory recommends that before washing the sweater, people should fold the loose cuffs and hem inside, button up the button, and then turn the sweater from the inside out to wash. When washing sweaters, try to use more laundry detergent and white vinegar, so that it is not so easy to deform and fade. If people use less, it will easily deform, so people can use more. When washing, people can add white vinegar in warm water to prevent clothes from becoming worn out. When drying, people need to lay the sweater flat to dry. It is best to choose a larger clothes basket with good quality to avoid the deformation of the sweater’s waist and sleeves caused by the fall.

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