How Often Is The Auto AC Compressor Repaired?

How often does the auto ac compressor need to be repaired? The screw compressor is usually maintained as follows:

After reusing the screw compressor for a period of time, routine maintenance is necessary. Maintenance is divided into minor maintenance and major maintenance. In order to reduce maintenance costs, only the compressor oil and oil filter need to be replaced. Usually, the new machine runs for 500 hours. Replacement; In addition to replacing the two, the compressor air filter and oil separator core, motor grease, etc. were also maintained. This maintenance took about 3000 hours in the machine, depending on the working environment and whether the environment Very dirty, such as a lot of dust, this time should be shortened appropriately.

Compressor maintenance is to make the machine work better under ideal conditions. Just like car maintenance, if properly maintained, the failure rate of the machine will be greatly reduced, thus saving time and energy due to frequent maintenance, and can extend the service life of the compressor. Therefore, the maintenance work of the compressor must be properly completed, and do not bear the price for it, otherwise, it will cost a lot when the main engine charcoal bites this kind of failure.

What is the price of the screw compressor and how much is the price? To answer this question, it depends on the brand you buy, the size of the cubic screw compressor, the smaller the machine, the lower the maintenance cost, on the contrary, the cost is higher; the maintenance cost of the domestic brand screw compressor is relative to the imported brand compressor, The maintenance price is more affordable. Therefore, before buying a screw compressor, you must understand these contents and understand the facts. After all, the cost of use is the ratio of the cost of the compressor over a few years to ten years.


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