How Oasis Auto Spa is changing the car wash industry in McKinney, Tx

How Oasis Auto Spa is changing the car wash industry in McKinney, Tx

If you own a car, you’re probably well aware that they’re a grime magnet. Pollen, dirt, water stains…the list goes on.

That’s only considering the OUTSIDE of a car…

The inside? That’s a whole different story.

Oasis Auto Spa offers premium car wash solutions that deliver unmatched shine and cleanliness.

In other words, your car will look brand-spankin’ new. As if it was just driven off the showroom floor!

From start to finish, their services are top of the line – yet never lose that personal family-owned touch.

Each part of the experience is engineered from the ground up to feel luxurious. LIke a high-end spa built specifically to pamper your ride.

Between free vacuum stations, pet washing stations, and pristine family-friend facilities – they are more than a car wash.

Oasis Auto Spa has created an experience where you get to witness your car transform. In fact, they’re known for their conveyor belt system. It’ll feel like you’re in the future, as you’re gently gliding through the car wash.

They were recently rated the best car wash company in McKinney Texas.

Best of all, when you sign up for text alerts, they’ll give you one free car wash!

And that’s how you’ll fall in love with your car all over again.

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