How link building can benefit small businesses with their online presence

“The objective of link building is to get natural backlinks and not just to make your links appear natural”

Link Building is an important aspect of organic ranking on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. However, many small businesses fail to realise this and as a result are not able to rank higher on search engines.

The Buzz Stand which is a link building company in India, gets many queries from small businesses and entrepreneurs about link building. Many of them are unsure and want to know more about it.  The Buzz Stand discusses more about link building in this post.

Link Building is a strategy of having your links on other websites. So, all those links which you see in directories, articles, newspapers etc. are helping businesses increase their visibility online. There are many methods of building links but only high-quality links matter. Another question which we get is that should link building be a manual method or we can use software’s and bots for it? The answer to this is that search engines have continuously evolved their ranking algorithms. If you were doing link building 10 years back automated software’s would have worked. But now, search engines understand manual links. Using an automated software would most likely lead your website to being flagged as spam. For link building to be effective you need to have a strong, unique and interesting content to back it up.

With Google Penguin Algorithm, coming into picture, weightage is given to link quality. Links from High Authority websites have a more impact than other websites. Also, quantity of links doesn’t matter, it is the quality which is considered. There are certain rules and regulations, which you need to abide for link building. White Hat SEO and Google Guidelines for webmasters are the key. If you don’t abide by them, your online business could be in trouble.

The Buzz Stand always suggest its clients never to build links which are not natural. This is what has made their link building service in India successful.

Benefits of Link Building

Link Building Strategy has long term benefits and it your online business can benefit exponentially from this. The major benefits are:

When your brand gets mentioned on other websites, it helps in improving visibility for your brand and thus, it is a great method of building brand online. As an example: If someone is looking for cab services in Yellow Pages, and your website is mentioned there it could lead to drive that traffic to your website. Similarly, an article where you have been mentioned would create a perception about your brand.

Link Building can help you get referral traffic. The Buzz Stand has worked with clients, where they have been mentioned on Huffington Post article and they are getting 50 views per day just from a single link mentioned. This shows how big an impact link building can have.

The most important of them is it helps in ranking your website higher on keywords by assigning authority and passing on the link juice on where the article has been mentioned. Back links need to be built only on high authority sites which are also relevant. For example: if an article is about shoes and the link is about selling cake, then probably this would be considered as a spam link and would do more harm than good.

Link Building Strategy

The following are some of the ways which can help you in building links:

Writing great content. This would help in building links by natural method

Guest blogging – Asking website owners and bloggers to allow you to guest post an article and then you can probably write an article, with a relevant link to your website

High Authority Directory and Social Bookmarking submissions

Infographics and Video Creation and Submission

Requesting a website owner which has content similar to your page, to read through your article and add a link to the content, to make the audience more aware about the topic

Press Release can be used a medium to spread your communication to the world. Though these are no follow links, but you can get referral traffic and search engines do get an indication of what the link might be related even if they don’t assign authority.

There are many other strategies that people follow, but if you have a niche site, it is always advised to make a proper plan for link building. Link Building is a long-term task and businesses do it on a continuous basis to succeed. Link building alone is not going to take your website on the first page for related search queries, there are other important factors like user experience, content relevance, on page factors etc. which play an important part in ranking algorithm as well.

The Buzz Stand is a link building agency in India which helps businesses to improve their visibility and organic rankings. You can get in touch in case of any assistance.

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