How JD Barnes Revolutionized The CBD Industry & Helped Thousands With His Company Zynn Life

How JD Barnes Revolutionized The CBD Industry & Helped Thousands With His Company Zynn Life

JD Barnes: Founder & CEO of Zynn Life

Have you ever spoken with someone and left the conversation with a great connection and cheering for them and what they are doing? That was my very experience during my first conversation with JD. As I learned about JD’s journey up to this point in his life and how he feels he’s stepped into his true purpose, I was inspired by his vision for Zynn Life and the impact it can have on people’s lives. Read on to learn more about the evolution of the two keys to your best life and how you can take advantage of a special opportunity. 

How does one gauge success? Some would say it is achieving a certain status. However, for JD and his team, it can easily be gauged by the number of people that are empowered to be their very best and enjoy the life they were intended to live. Today, I have the privilege of introducing you to JD Barnes, Co-Founder and CEO of Zynn Life. I look forward to bringing his story to you, which will no doubt showcase why he and his company are on the leading edge of success in the wellness space. 

JD, thanks for taking time out of your schedule to share this time with me today. I’ve enjoyed getting to know about you, your passion and your work. The nation, and world for that matter, is getting some life coming back into it now after 9 months or so of COVID-19 precautionary measures. And with that we are slowly starting to explore the new normal, which I am sure looks different for everyone. How are you doing today and how are things back home in Utah?

We are doing well, thank you. Like everyone we have faced some uncertainty and adversity but we continue to do our best to remain happy, healthy and optimistic. We recognize those things we can control and do our best to step into life and show up in ways that help, inspire and empower.

It certainly helps to have the right mindset during times like these. I have some questions that will dive deeper into you, Zynn Life and the impact that it’s making, but, first, I’d like to give you a chance to tell us a little more about yourself before we get started.

Right after high school I read that every man should experience 4 different careers. For the last 30 years I have had the privilege of serving our country in the US Navy as Combat Medic, a master distributor for a peer-to-peer consumer goods company, to work professionally as the Technical Director of Cardiology for the University of Utah, as a product and marketing consultant to over 50 direct-to-consumer companies, and a business and process improvement consultant to more than 50 Fortune 500 companies. I have been lucky enough to have owned and built my own companies, as well as work for and with billion dollar divisions in some of the largest companies in the world.

The only thing consistent over the last 30 years is that I was suffering. The combat experience from Desert Shield/Storm left me with some significant health and sleep challenges. I tried everything possible, prescription meds, all kinds of supplements, even hypnosis and acupuncture, all with little to no improvement.

I have discovered already that you have a great passion for everything you do, including entrepreneurship and growing businesses. As I learned from you during our initial conversation, you were not sold on the CBD industry at first. What did you discover that changed your mind? 

I was not sold on CBD, in fact, I was ANTI-CBD because I did not understand its distinction from closely related drugs or the opportunity and potential it had on health and wellbeing. I was presented with several papers claiming that human milk is rich in cannabinoids and that humans produce our own version of cannabinoids. This new information blew my mind and has changed my life, it literally sent me on a deep discovery of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and the power and potential that exist there. 

What can a consumer expect when they get their first sample of the product and how will they feel as they continue it as part of their daily routine?

We interviewed 500 people and found that all of them suffered from at least three of the following challenges: Poor Sleep Quality, Restlessness, Fatigue, Mental Fog, Lack of Energy, Anxiety, Emotional Imbalance, Pain and Inflammation. Our two flagship products directly target these challenges. Sleep was designed to provide physical restoration, mental rejuvenation, inflammation reduction and deep sleep. Energy was developed to provide increased focus, mental clarity, emotional balance and enhanced energy.

The immediate impact is that people will sleep better, sleep longer and wake up refreshed and have mental and emotional energy and capacity to get through their demanding days. These immediate benefits will have lasting positive impact along with the long-term opportunities associated with using a pharmaceutical grade and dosage of CBD. The research is out there on the positive long-term impact of CBD. 

With so many CBD products and distributors out there, there has to be something that separates you from others. What is it about your products and your approach to the business that makes it different and gets the results that you’ve been able to achieve for people?

We are a wellness company with a focus on personal empowerment. Our approach is to help the world by providing powerful, highly technical supplements, specializing in wellness segments that also include pharmaceutical grade CBD. Our products taste amazing, and as a powder can be modified for taste or dosage according to personal needs. But in the end it’s about more than high quality products, it’s about providing an opportunity to RENEW, RESTORE and REVIVE life and living. It’s about helping people show up rested and energized to change the world.

I learned so much during our conversation, to include your deep desire to help people live a more fulfilled and balanced life. Do you have a success story that you want to share?

There are literally hundreds of amazing stories… people are simply able to show up differently when they are well-rested and they feel better. 

Mike took sleeping meds for 12 years, he is now prescription free and having dreams again. His FitBit sleep score went from 52 to 89 with 3 hours of REM each night and has never felt better.

Cassie needed 3 muscle relaxers each day to cope with her pain. She is pain free and off all meds and feels great. It is amazing what the body can do for itself when it gets adequate sleep, increased water and enough CBD.

Wow… that’s pretty amazing! So, what have some of your previous clients and associates had to say about your amazing products?

Oh there are so many great stories… 

Karen, like so many, suffered with digestive challenges, only eliminating her waste once per week and now multiple times each day. 

Sarah can feel the bottoms of her feet for the first time in 14 years and has energy to play with her grandkids.

Kimberly is now dealing with her anxiety and can leave her home, she’s even helping at her son’s school.

Each of these impacts is incredibly personal, but also incredibly life changing to that person. 

Last question before we wrap this up. As someone who has already requested my sample pack, what can I, and others who try and love Zynn Energy and Zynn Sleep, do to help spread the word? I’ll just call them “ZynnBassadors” to make it catchy.

I love ZynnBassadors… we also have started saying that people are ZYNNING… 

It’s natural to want to help others when we start feeling better. ZYNN LIFE wants to reward people for sharing our company, our stories and our products. We have created a referral rewards ambassador program. It’s simple, fast and very rewarding. Whenever a purchase is made through a Referral ID, we send that Referring Ambassador – Referral Rewards. Those rewards can be used to buy discounted products or can be sent in form of check or direct deposit. That referral reward is given every single time that customer purchases, month after month after month.

We recognize that happy customers, make happy ambassadors, and that happy ambassadors grow more happy customers, and so on…and together we help people live empowered and inspired.

JD… do you have a favorite quote, mantra, book or person that gives you energy and/or inspiration? Why?

My mantra is… “Our story is not defined by our struggle, our story is who we became as we overcame our struggle. Our legacy will be defined by how many we helped overcome their struggle”. 

I like to end my guest interviews with a lighthearted question, but one that I think gives a great glimpse into what makes a person great and special at what they do.
So, JD, what would you say is your superpower and how does it help you in what you do? 

This is a fun question, not sure I had thought of this before… I like the idea of a Compassionate Visionary. It’s not enough to build something for ourselves. In our legacy we must embrace and love others in ways that help them live their very best lives. When we stop looking down and inward and start looking up and outward, our universe changes and so do our opportunities. 

It’s been my pleasure to get to know you and the journey to this point for Zynn Life… truly impressive. Before you go, can you leave our audience with the best way to get in contact with you?

Thank you for having me. I appreciate your time and it’s been a pleasure to share with you. I can be reached best on email at, as well as on LinkedIn at JD Barnes and my business website is

Checkout the Zynn Life Overview video here.

Use this special code MyZynn for a discount on your sample pack of Zynn Energy and Zynn Sleep.

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