How Have Drug Relapses Been Managed Over Time?

According to a survey carried out by experts, more than 85% of drug users relapse back into drugs use within a year of leaving rehab. Researchers estimate that more than 2/3 of individuals in recovery relapse within weeks to months of beginning addiction treatment. These drug relapse statistics are so discouraging because there is no solid plan put in place to remain sober after leaving rehabilitation centres successfully. Most users are enticed by the prospect of being outside the strict regime of rehab and in the outside world where the drugs are readily available.

There have been several suggestions by an expert on the issue of drug relapse and how to curb it effectively. Some have suggested creating models that will separate the individual from people that could make a drug relapse possible. However, a more acceptable option is being explored by people seeking a change. Since it is imperative that a drug user returns to his normal daily activities after successfully undergoing rehabilitation, it was suggested that a safe space be created where they won’t be stopped from associating with people, but they will live in a facility with no tolerance for drugs or alcohol. This idea was implemented by Addiction Rehab Toronto – a rehab specialised in providing therapy for all those who wish to remain sober even after leaving rehabilitation centres.

The Benefits of this program

So far, Addiction Rehab Toronto has been able to provide the following benefits for participants:

  1. Items not allowed into the premises include Drugs, alcohol and gambling items.
  2. Random drug tests are conducted periodically, and this ensures that residents are always on their toes
  3. Curfews implemented at the Addiction Rehab Toronto facility are strict and help maintain discipline
  4. As residents are encouraged to pay rent, be responsible for their living spaces and feeding, this helps them become responsible and adapt to living in the ordinary world.
  5. Residents don’t have to worry about safety as they are kept in a well-protected environment.
  6. Most times, recovering addicts are faced with isolation and loneliness when they are made to adapt to entering the system again. The living facilities at Addiction Rehab Toronto curbs this by offering a built-in support network where occupants can interact with each other freely and communicate based on their personal experiences. It is often noticed that people are much better at adapting when they are in an environment with people that share similar stories.
  7. Sober living facilities are typically located in neighbourhoods that are quiet and conducive to the mission of sobriety.

With this, it is expected that the rate of drug relapse will reduce significantly over time.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Based in Toronto, Addiction Rehab Toronto is a private residential facility that provides refuge for people recovering from substance abuse. They aim to ensure that people who leave drug rehabilitation centres are not left alone to adapt to the natural environment. This allows them to thrive and live normally in a controlled setting that effectively curbs relapses.

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