How “Forfeit” is Changing The Gaming Model

What Is Forfeit?

Frames per second or FPS are a great way to measure the smoothness of a game’s gameplay and the speed of its responsiveness. In fact, recently, FPS has been the measurement against which a game’s utility has been taken. Forfeit Game Project, is a project that aims to bring a new trend to the FPS game sector, and a perfect project that will make you forget every FPS game you’ve ever played. The first FPS game ever, Maze Warfare was released in 1973. A futuristic game at the time, it had single and multi-player options but could only be played on computers with the highest specs and technologies and so was not available for everyone and did not gain mass appeal. 

Of course, vast improvements have happened in gaming technology since the 70s and games are available on basically all electronic devices from computers, to mobile phones to cars. Forfeit Game Project develops using Unity on the Blockchain the games it develops are available on both computers and mobile devices and are supported in the Metaverse. Forfeit Game was built as a robust crypto project that provides a world of “earntertainment” and as such supports tokenization and trading. In the Forfeit game, players can create and develop their own weapons and effect sales of owned or personalized weapons using fiat or $FFT tokens.

What Is The Forfeit Game? 

The Forfeit Game (Forfeit) is an FPS-P2E game that provides highly interactive gameplay that is powered by on-chain implementation of upgradeable characters and weapons. The Forfeit game promises to challenge the whole game market with its “Gaining by Battling” motto. It is an FPS game which has a PvP style, which means there are two opposing players. Gamers can battle in different universes of the world of Forfeit and create their own personalized weapons. Forfeit is a web compatible game. Forfeit was prepared with Unity on the Blockchain and it has its own universe in the Metaverse. Being a crypto project, Forfeit supports tokenization with its own token $FFT that is used in the game. This token offers players various money earning opportunities. Players get the chance to create and develop their own 3 dimensional characters, and the chance to sell these characters in NFT market. They can either spend the $FFT tokens they earned in shopping in-app or they can transfer them to their wallets.

What Is the Aim of the Forfeit Game? 

Outside its obvious entertainment value, Forfeit was built to create a long-term sustainable world/platform for the new generation of gamers to have in-game wealth, and to direct a project’s route in their own ways. This creative empowerment of players is one of the USPs of Forfeit. The main feature that separates Forfeit game from other games is that in this game, every player can create, chart and rule their own separate worlds. Navigating the Forfeit universe is done via two main modes: Spct World and Spct Store. 

Forfeit is a wholehearted Metaverse project and the Forfeit universe gives you the experience of real gaming. Players can feel the almost limitless freedom in the Forfeit universe. By empowering players to make investments and token trades by using $FFT tokens, apart from the Forfeit NFT sales, Forfeit game is a project that lets you have fun and earn money at once. Earntertainment as they like to call it. Interestingly the $FFT tokens earned in Forfeit can serve as an investment vehicle as owners can save them to a wallet and leave them there for as long as they want. 

The game developed by some of the most creative and renowned teams in the market offers diverse gameplay, including PVE, PVP, and Clan Wars, blend an evolving challenging paradigm with P2E. In a creation-friendly community, gamers will be spearheading their gameplay preferences, in ways that are undoubtedly some of the best among FPS games in the world. More than just a war and strategy game, Forfeit empowers to feel free and confident as they can earn money as they play. Wars created in the Clan mode can be so strong that the balance of entire planets are affected with the emergent rulers earning beyond their wildest dreams. In this mode, clans battle in wars full of rivalry, excitement and adrenaline. 

Like any good game, quest completions lead to leveling up, leveling up leads to stronger characters and stronger character lead to indestructible warriors.

How to Join the Pre-Sale Purchase

On the 1st of September 2022, the Forfeit token $FFT will be listed on the Coinsbit market continuing its pre-sale offer. It will be probably be offered at twice its price before the listing and its price is expected to rise with traction. Sales will be on the Forfeit Game Project platform using wallet binding technique.

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