How does the chain link fence play the role of protection

How does the chain link fence play the role of protection? Twisted edge chain link fence is not to say that chain link fence is twisted. The body of the chain link fence is still crocheted. It’s just that the edge of the chain link fence ends with a twist. It is just a way of processing the edge of the hook. The edge processing technology of the chain link fence is divided into two kinds. One is a twisted edge chain link fence, one is a folded edge chain link fence.

The edge of the chain link fence is screwed. Twisted edge chain link fence is two adjacent wire twisted together. Then both strands were exposed. And the edge of the hem chain link fence is folded over. That means you can’t see the silk head.

Green is a color common in nature, a darker color than the young grass or a brilliant green, or a color that is intermediate in the spectrum between blue and yellow. There are dozens of different kinds of green. However, there are three kinds of green for dip-plastic guardrail net: light green, dark green and dark green.

The fence installed in the stadium is mostly the hook fence, and this hook fence is mostly dip-plastic and galvanized. However, in these two kinds of dip plastic fence and more. Used for the stadium dip-plastic hook fence net and more dark green and dark green.

Why is the chain link fence fence on the sports ground mostly dark green and dark green? That’s because green is the closest to a natural color. Green is the color of grass, green symbolizes spring, green represents a vibrant breath. Green is also the color most protective of your eyes. Therefore, the stadium installed hook fence is mostly green.

The advantage of the screw-edge chain link fence is that the screw-edge of the chain link fence is installed into the guardrail net, that is to say, in the exposed silk head is up, just play the role of protection, can prevent people from crossing. And it’s beautiful, too. It’s killing two birds with one stone.

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