How do sonic electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes work?

Now more and more people are using electric toothbrushes. The electric toothbrushes on the market are mainly divided into two categories: sonic electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes. Which one is better? Next, let’s talk about the working principles of the sonic electric toothbrush and the rotary electric toothbrush.

1, How do sonic electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes work?

1> The working principle of sonic electric toothbrush

The sonic toothbrush is based on the high-frequency vibration of the micro-motor to drive the ultrasonic wave generated by the high-speed swing of the toothbrush head to clean the residue and plaque between the teeth. The vibration speed is as high as 31,000 times per minute, so the sonic electric toothbrush does not means brushing your teeth with sound waves.

2>The working principle of rotary electric toothbrushThe rotary electric toothbrush mainly uses the motor inside the toothbrush to drive the round brush head to rotate. It can strengthen the friction effect of the toothbrush on the teeth while performing the action of the ordinary toothbrush head. It can brush teeth up to 15,000 times per minute. This method of brushing teeth easier to reach hidden teeth than manual toothbrush.

2, Which is better, sonic electric toothbrush or rotary electric toothbrush?

Sonic electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes have their own advantages, and you can choose according to your own dental health when purchasing. If your teeth are sensitive, if you have oral diseases or care about noise, it is recommended to choose a sonic toothbrush. If you care more about the cleaning effect, you can choose a rotary electric toothbrush.

1> Comparison of cleaning:

sonic electric toothbrush < rotary electric toothbrush

Experiments have shown that the plaque index of people who use rotary electric toothbrushes is 1/3 lower than that of people who use sonic toothbrushes, and rotating electric toothbrushes can also reduce gingivitis more effectively. The cleaning efficiency of rotary electric toothbrushes is a little higher than that of sonic electric toothbrushes.

2> Comparison of tooth wear:

sonic electric toothbrush < rotary electric toothbrush

Rotary electric toothbrushes have several times greater wear on teeth than sonic electric toothbrushes, and the rotational speed of the rotating electric toothbrush is very fast, which is more wear on the teeth. From this point of view, choosing a sonic electric toothbrush is safer for our teeth. After a long period of use, the difference in tooth wear between sonic electric toothbrushes and rotary electric toothbrushes is obvious.

3> Comparison of comfort :

sonic electric toothbrush > rotary electric toothbrush

Due to the strong vibration, it is easier to bleed gums with a rotating electric toothbrush. In contrast, sonic electric toothbrushes work more gently than rotating electric toothbrushes. Moreover, the rotating electric toothbrush is more noisy when working, which will make people who are sensitive to noise feel uncomfortable, while the sonic electric toothbrush is quieter when working.

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