How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation By Iliya Krastev

How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation is a guidebook to successfully managing change and projects throughout any company or organizations. As a project consultant, Iliya Krastev created a project platform, one that can be used by CEOs and department heads to effectively manage projects and develop an innovative corporate culture.

“My goal was to show CEOs that change and transformation within their companies does not have to mean a long list of failed projects or half-completed integrations. It can be an amazing time for growth and the development of your organization as a whole. I want to inspire companies and organizations to embrace change and innovation as part of taking their teams to the next level,” said Iliya.

“Whether you are defining the objectives for your next project or envisioning a total revamp of how your company does business, as a CEO, there is a need to define the direction of your organization. Your communication skills and ability to share your vision is key to shaping your business and your team. The challenge is that over the years, your company has likely created a number of processes, which might have had an original purpose but now have begun to drag at your productivity.

How CEOs Get Projects Done Successfully: The 12 Secrets of a Rapid Transformation give you the tools to get company out of any rut, allowing you to direct the change and necessary transformation to clear the way for expansion to reach the top of your industry”, Iliya added.

“For a company to be successful in today’s business environment, it takes a brilliantly crafted strategy, with a reasonable amount of risk, and a vigilance to execute with persistence. Along with that strategy and vigilance to execute with persistence, there needs to be a strategic approach to digital technology and how it serves your core business model,” said Iliya.

Throughout his career, Iliya Krastev has become a transformation and change management value advisor. He has hands-on experience in all roles of the project completion success journey. Iliya brings tools, knowledge, and skills to companies on a global level. Currently, he serves as a senior value advisor at SAP, responsible for the ERP portfolio of products and several key areas of the SAP Cloud Platform.

With a BA in Business Administration from the American University in Bulgaria; an MA in Rhetoric from Sofia University; and a Global MBA from Alliance Business School, at the University of Manchester, Iliya brings the technical knowledge and a wealth of experience to his work as a consultant and business owner.

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