How Cargo Control Helps Protect Items from Impact, Moisture and Temperature Damage

When transporting heavy goods cross-country, there are so many considerations to take in aside from simply choosing the best storage method. The heavier and more fragile the goods, the more likely they are to be thrown around in transit and suffer damage; there are also numerous other factors that could affect their wellbeing, such as outside temperatures and fluid spillages.

There is a vast array of cargo control equipment available, providing different options that are tailored to the size and weight of the cargo, how it is being transported, and the conditions of travel. Toronto Trailers is a provider of such products, which complement its main business of renting storage trailers and storage containers under both short and long-term arrangements.

The first step to take is actually getting the goods into the trailer or container. Toronto Trailers has a range of options to safely do this, including pump trucks that come in different sizes and lifting capability, and hand trucks and dollies for smaller items. Using suitable lifting equipment is vital to prevent serious injury, especially with heavy goods.

Once on board, items need to be securely fastened in place and again, there is a range of options. Cargo bars and ratcheting bars are used alongside a tracking system to hold goods in place – it does this by establishing pressure between each individual item that carefully works against itself to hold products in a steady place. For trailers that don’t have a tracking system, there are cargo load locks and load bar applications, which can work for other types – such as tall items – and work by creating multi-tiered or platform systems within the trailer or container, allowing stacking and even distribution of weight.

For extra security, web slings and ratchet straps can be wrapped around items, with ratchet straps in particular proving suitable for transporting motorcycles. Wheel nets are also available to protect vehicles even further. Another option offered by Toronto Trailers are tire chains – rather than focus exclusively on securing the goods, the use of tire chains addresses the transporting vehicle itself, providing a durable means of resisting difficult road conditions, such as uneven terrain or adverse weather.

Another threat to the integrity of transported goods is outside temperature, which can also lead to dampness. Toronto Trailers has available a range of moving blankets that can both protect the fabrics of items such as furniture, while also supplying an extra layer of padding to protect against bumps and scrapes.

“When transporting heavy, fragile and valuable goods long distances, there are many key factors to consider,” says a spokesperson for Toronto Trailers. “Through using basic scientific methods, our various pieces of equipment are suited to all shapes, sizes and types of item, and will ensure protection against all forms of damage.”

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