How Aditya Raj turned his web services into WaaS and founded RunWeb

Very few have a success story as strong in the service business as Aditya Raj has. With the spirit of an entrepreneur, Aditya has come up with a wide variety of services in his young career. From a basic marketing company called Stallion Cognitive now he has come up with his WaaS framework based startup called RunWeb.

Before talking about RunWeb, here are some words about Aditya. When Aditya was only 14 years old, he started a technical YouTube channel. His primary aim was to build up some meaningful things. We hardly find this in the other 14-year-olds. With his fascination and interest in computer science, he progressed with the subject and learned a bunch of programming languages along with video editing. As he started making more videos, as a result his videos experienced tremendous popularity and ad revenue. 

Perfect Investments

Having made a lot of money from his videos, he made his investments of his earnings in learning web design and coding and soon enough grabbed his first client. Within a quick time he was a part-time employee of a New York based company, earning a lot in dollars. He finally switched to starting his own web design and financial marketing service and founded Stallion Cognitive. From that time till today, Aditya has progressed a lot with his companies and endeavors. 

A True Entrepreneur

His entrepreneurship spirit flourished, and he kept on making the milestones. Recently he has come up with one of the most ambitious projects of his life yet, starting a company with WaaS service, RunWeb.

Now what is WaaS? 

It is the abbreviation of A Website as a Service. It is the service that includes website design, security, hosting, ongoing support and updates. The service is offered at a monthly rate over a time period in contract, instead of a one-time payment. 

A Budding Trend among the Website Owners

Along with the PaaS, SaaS and IaaS service, the demand for this service is increasing as the website owners are now looking for able website services to take care of all the work and support of their websites for long-term basis. Therefore, they go to the companies that offer such services. RunWeb is one of them. Offering state-of-the-art service will all the essentialities present there.

Although there are a lot of competitors around, RunWeb is ready to shine as it has the best head controlling the quality of the projects and keeping the standard intact as it has the same team behind Stallion Cognitive. For client satisfaction, this is a magnificent work.

RunWeb All Set to Success

It is for sure that RunWeb will soon be a success story as it is managed by the team behind Stallion Cognitive and executed by Aditya Raj, who is already the founder of many successful startups Stallion Cognitive, Acrux Cloud, NamasteFinance to name a few.

It’s always hard to explain an entrepreneur’s journey in words, especially in a single article. And it’s much, much harder when you have to talk about an extraordinary startup like RunWeb and someone like Aditya Raj, who has had an exceptionally unique entrepreneurship journey while he’s still just 19 years old.

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