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America’s First Virtual Independent Insurance Agency

September 26, 2016: United States Air Force veteran Jared Parsons has created the nation’s first virtual independent insurance agency PARSONS Insurance has been providing insurance to families, individuals, and businesses since 1978. It is an independent agency, which means it is not beholden to any of the national firms. It is an online insurance network, a remarkable advancement with no parallel in the industry of insurance in America. The virtual independent insurance agency has a lot to offer with endless choices and options for its customers.

If someone calls an insurance agency or goes to their website to get insurance and buy it without seeing someone in person, those companies only sell their policies with one option and one price. However, PARSONS sells insurance for 50 different companies and maintains the policies in-house for the customers with all those companies.  This variety of options is the feature that America’s first virtual and independent insurance provider has that others do not possess.

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Jared Parsons, the owner and founder of PARSONS, is truly the Elon Musk of insurance.  Jared is a veteran with a 12 years’ experience in the United States Air Force and has participated actively in the Iraqi War. He has created the company in a different and unique way that makes it clients want it more than the other options available in the market. The price, rates, diversity, variety and quality of services are the key features that make PARSONS different, most required and relevant option for the clients to opt as their insurance provider.

We offer auto, home, life, and business insurance services with an unlimited number of options for our clients.” Says Jared, the founder of PARSONS. With the lowest rates for customers each year, PARSONS offers the best deals in the insurance industry to its clients. PARSONS helps its clients to change insurance carriers while maintaining a single agent. “We shop pricing with all the carriers at every renewal. Clients can do everything paperless over the internet, phone or email from anywhere in the world.” Jared added.


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