House of Mohist Launches Campaign on Kickstarter for Funding the Solar Basket Project

House of Mohist starts a campaign on Kickstarter for their Universal Solar Upgrade Kit project also called the Solar Basket.

House of Mohist, the NY-based enterprise has announced the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter for funding the Solar Basket project. It is a uniquely designed and innovative Universal Solar Upgrade Kit that can be used as a starter kit for generating solar power.

“We are on a mission of changing the way the world, one person at a time with our Solar Basket project,” says Bingxie Zhang, founder of House of Mohist. “It is a system that can be used as an autonomous vehicle for use in homes. The Solar Basket is self-managed and a self-energy sufficient mobile platform that’s large but lightweight and can fit easily in a bike.”

The conventional solar panels that are commonly used for generation of solar energy are not good enough for use in situations that demand portability and ease of handling. Bingxie has put together a solar power generation system that can provide clean energy affordably and can be used for various applications including transportation, power, energy, wireless communication, data, internet and even security.

Solar Basket which makes use of Open Source hardware is the first commercial component of the grand vision that the company has for the society. They want to create a better and brighter future for the world and especially for those who are not privileged enough to access such facilities.

According to Bingxie, there are several aspects of the Solar Basket that makes it stand apart from conventional solar panel designs and systems. The key feature is flexibility. It works with various types of batteries and has a Boosted MPPT Solar Controller that can be used for charging 24, 36 or 48 Volt Bike batteries with a single panel.

The simple and quick plug and play feature can be easily activated by using the Standard MC4 Connector. The system also offers a high level of scalability as extra solar panels can be easily added to generate more power. It can also help in converting any solar e-bike into a source of energy in an emergency. The Solar Basket has been priced competitively so that it can be used by even those from the economically lower strata of the society. The whole system cost less than an extra lithium e-bike battery

One of the key components of the system is the water-resistant nylon bike EMO pack that can hold phone and small accessories. It has a Velcro vent covering the side and rear air vent. The 50W solar panel is flexible and weighs only 33.5 oz. The solar charger offers 90% energy conversion efficiency. The whole system can be put together without using any tool. The Solar Basket is the world’s first wearable solar panel. Smaller panels can be easily joined to form a larger panel without using any specialized equipment or skills.

The Kickstarter campaign launched by the House of Mohist has a financial goal of $50,000 which must be reached on or before the deadline date of February 21, 2018.

About Solar Basket: Universal Solar Upgrade

The Solar Basket is a unique project by Bingxie Zhang, the founder of the House of Mohist. It is a starter kit for solar power created to provide clean, affordable and efficient energy on a mobile platform. The lightweight, flexible and scalable solar energy system can provide the society a better and brighter energy resource.

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