Hot Pot Restaurant \”The Dolar Shop\” Aggressively Pushing into the U.S Market

The first hot pot restaurant of its kind in the US, The Dolar Shop, is now aiming to expand its roots across the country to re-create the concept of Chinese cuisine from the American’s perspective. The new locations are located in Seattle and Boston, waiting for just the final touches before their grand openings. Another prospective opening location will be in New Jersey.

Established in Beijing in 2004, The Dolar Shop has introduced several new and innovative ways of eating hot pot, such as the individual pot where each customer can enjoy its own pot and the all-you-can-pick sauce bar where people can create their own favorite sauce. The first US launch took place in 2015 at Flushings, New York, and went on to receive numerous praises from customers. The Dolar Shop earned glowing reviews for standards of high performance, great and authentic Chinese hotpot, professional waiting staff and a friendly, cozy and comfortable ambiance.

The Dolar Shop offers a variety of healthy and fresh ingredients, all well curated by professional chefs. The most popular soup bases which captured the customers’ hearts are the Mushroom pot, Tomato oxtail, Yuan Yang and Bone soup pot. 

Dolar Shop was originally founded by Jerry Li, an entrepreneur who received a master’s degree in law in his early years. His passion for Chinese cuisine led him into the culinary industry, where he saw a great opportunity for innovation in the hot pot cuisine. In the traditional hot pot setting, a large group of people gather in front of a single, big simmering pot with seasoned broth heated on an electric range. It is very much a communal meal, where everyone throws all the ingredients they want into the pot, cook for a bit, eat when it is ready and repeat. 

However, the founder wanted to create a brand new experience for his customers, an individual pot where each person can enjoy food from his own pot, which makes it easier for people to reach for their own favorite food. This has gradually become a new trend in China, and many hot pot places have followed their steps. In addition, The Dolar Shop was the first to introduce an all-you-can-pick sauces bar concept, where people can pick and match to make their perfect combination sauce, while in the old days, people had to pay for every single sauce.

The Dolar Shop wants to offer a different experience to its customer with a variety of healthy, fresh ingredients and exceptional services. The chain is always looking for new ideas and innovation to offer to the public, each time setting new bars and records, aiming to set itself apart from traditional hot pot restaurants.

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