HOT NOIZE Magazine Launch Date Announced, Get Ready for Not Just Entertainment, but HOT NOIZE

Entertainment news will never be so hot or make greater noise, with the launch date nearing for the HOT NOIZE Entertainment Magazine. In partnership with some of the biggest names in online and television networks, HOT NOIZE aims to cover every form of entertainment and celebrity action, and spread it around the world from August 15, 2017 onwards.

The hot new experience is available today only in bits and pieces. HOT NOIZE Entertainment Magazine will piece all the fun together. The magazine has partnered with I-HEART MEDIA for services, and has formed partnerships with Roku, Vimeo, and Amazon for its new mega television streaming network. In addition, HOT NOIZE has also joined hands with Nigel Baptiste of Caribbean Buzz TV and EIUMT as new network partners.

HOT NOIZE is for the digital generation, ideally the Millenial youth between 17-35 years of age that is both hungry and anxious for entertainment. The magazine will give space to every form of entertainment, whether it’s modeling and fashion, DJs, all music genres, films, athletics, technology and gaming, arts and culture, comedy, and even spoken word. If it’s entertainment, it is on HOT NOIZE Entertainment Magazine platforms.

HOT NOIZE does not merely cover entertainment, it makes it hot noise! It is a multi-platform media and entertainment magazine company, powered by its own proprietary cyber-technology and massive digital platforms. The aim – to become a go-to source for all things tech, digital culture and entertainment content for a dedicated and influential audience around the world.

“HOT NOIZE will provide the best celebrity news and photos, plus weekly access to A-List lifestyle. Our readers are amongst the most celebrity obsessed consumers in the world. Every week, over 5 million fans will get exclusive and inside scoops on the pinnacle moments in the lives of their favorite celebrities. Hottest stars and the best original photographs will reveal a well rounded and positive approach to entertainment lifestyle,” said A.R Gresham of HOT NOIZE Entertainment Magazine.

HOT NOIZE will also offer the latest fashion and beauty trends, fitness and nutrition, celebrity vacations and recreation, news and the hottest topics in the entertainment world. HOT NOIZE, the magazine and the app, is a winning combination in every respect, for businesses, consumers and the public at large, with its huge array of articles, videos, interviews and photo shoots.

“We will push traffic in your direction to maximize your business. HOT NOIZE will make you become HOT NOIZE!” said A.R Gresham. 

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