Host Diane Shawe Announces the 2016 Hair Extension Awards

Announce your work on the biggest stage yet.

London – October 3, 2016 – You know what they say, “what good will Leonardo Da Vinci’s art be if he could not show it to the world?” With this great speech in mind, it is with great excitement that reputable hair awards host Diane Shawe announces the coming of the 2016 hair extension awards by October 2016, in London.

In life there is hardly any time for one to stop doing what one is doing, but surely time can be taken out to celebrate one’s achievements; like an appreciation or recognition for how well you have fared over the year, and that moment is called Hair Extension Awards.

One good thing about the awards is that there is never a loser; the awards do not only present an opportunity to go home with some hair oriented accolade, but also serves the opportunity to flirt with the variety of sponsorship opportunities available at the Hair Extension Awards.

Like any other award out there, there are rules and regulations and here they are: it is required that applicants have a minimum of 12 months of experience, or must be a qualified/licensed hair extension technician, consultant, tricologiest, hairdresser, barber or hairstylist on the day that their entry form is submitted. And lastly, all applicants must be over 18 years old.

The 2016 Hair Extension Awards, holding by October is set to be hosted by Diane Shawe; author of arguably the best selling Hair Extension business startup books ever, and also Hair Extension Training Academy proprietor.

There are a lot more information about the 2016 Hair Extension Awards, and you can find them here Hair Extension Awards.


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