TriCoast Entertainment’s heartwarming and educational world cinema films, ‘Lost Birds’ and ‘Inuk’ are honored to be featured in Hoopla’s summer collection of World Cinema films. Streaming on Hoopla from August 14th – August 27th.

Los Angeles, CA – August 14, 2018 –“There’s a whole world of film out there that you should be opening your eyes to and if you’re not willing to give them a chance.”

Just like Hollywood films, world cinema films tackle the classic tales of love, loss and overcoming adversity in the roughest of times. With different languages, customs and traditions from around the world, world cinema has much to offer movie-lovers of all ages. “Whether it’s Dogme, Neo-Realism or J-Horror there’s something out there in the realm of cinema for everyone. Japan, Russia, Brazil and many other countries have all produced successful films in the last century that have gained worldwide acclaim and opened the gateway for films that would have once been exclusive art house fodder,” added WhatCulture.

Weeks before the next school year commences, Hoopla will feature some fantastic world cinema films, including LOST BIRDS and INUK, streaming from August 14th – August 27th here: https://www.hoopladigital.com/collection/4489


Written and directed by emerging filmmakers, Ela Alyamac (Fairy Dust) and Aren Perdeci, LOST BIRDS is a three-time award winning historical drama told through the eyes of brother and sister, Bedo and Maryam, who were left behind during the mass deportations of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire of 1915. 

Noted for its significance as the first film made in Turkey to tackle the 1915 Armenian tragedy and for its unique storytelling through the perspective of children, LOST BIRDS follows Bedo and Maryam, whom go against their mother’s wishes and sneak out to play in their secret cave. But when the two return, they discover their home and village empty. Along with Bacik, the wounded bird they’ve been nursing back to health, the children embark on a dangerous, yet poetically visual journey to find their mother.

Produced by Kara Kedi Films, LOST BIRDS is a powerful and touching drama that brings to light the well-known 1915 Armenian tragedy through Ela Alyamac and Aren Perdeci’s research and work from the past five years. With stunning visuals, beautiful music and powerful performances by the young actors, LOST BIRDS is a labor of love that will leave the audience will new perspectives on a long-lived international conflict.

LOST BIRDS has received several accolades, including Best Feature Film and Best Director from the Arpa International Film Festival. The historical fairytale stars several first-time actors, including the emotional capture of innocence through children eyes by Heros Agopyan as ‘Bedo’ and Dila Uluca as ‘Maryam’. Alongside is Sarkis Acemyan as ‘Grandpa Yetvart’, Arto Arsenyan as ‘Father Mesrop’, and Takuhi Bahar as ‘Kinar’. Watch the LOST BIRDS trailer here: https://vimeo.com/201209025.

About INUK

INUK begins on a freezing cold morning in Greenland’s capital when social services discover a half-frozen, sixteen-year-old boy, Inuk (Gaaba Peterson), stuck inside an abandoned car. With a deceased father and troubled mother at home, Inuk is sent North to a children’s home on a small island in the midst of the Arctic Sea.

Photo: Inuk, from Slant Magazine.

During his time there, Inuk meets Ikuma (Ole Jorgen Hammeken), a polar bear hunter who teaches, inspires and instills happiness once again within Inuk. The two embark on epic adventures together with their dog sleds, forgetting the fragile sea-ice underneath them. Despite the bitter cold and his father’s death, Ikuma helps Inuk discover his people again, and further, himself.

Mike Magidson’s action-adventure has received several accolades, including three wins at the 2011 Savannah Film Festival for Best DirectorBest Editing and Best Narrative Feature, as well as winner of the Haskell Wexler Award for Best Cinematography (Xavier Liberman, Franck Rabel) at the 2010 Woodstock Film Festival.

Celebrate these authentic world cinema titles for the week of August 14th – August 27th on Hoopla here: https://www.hoopladigital.com/collection/4489

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