Hood Gardens Shows Kids the Benefits of Gardening in School

When can a vegetable garden change the course of someone’s life? When the garden is located at school and the students are the ones who plant and tend to the growing vegetables and fruits.

Many inner city children have no idea where food comes from or how it grows. Many of those same children don’t eat a balanced diet either because fresh produce is not available to them. A new program founded by Hood Gardens has set out to make lasting changes in the lives of school aged children in the Los Angeles area by providing them with an opportunity to grow their own food.

Hands on experience in the garden, combined with classroom education, will definitely improve the quality of life for children now and in the future. Grade schools in the L.A. area that participate in the gardening program will be providing children with physical activity, supervised outdoor group activity, allowing them to exercise their math and science skills, learn business skills, assume responsibly and foster the feeling of community pride and sustainability. School children that participate in growing their own food are also far more likely to eat what they grow, which encourages a healthier diet and lifestyle for them and their families.

Hood Gardens recognizes the tremendous need for fresh produce in many inner city locations. Food deserts and urban blight have made fresh, healthy, affordable food almost impossible for city dwelling families to put on the dinner table. Teaching young children how to grow food today will allow them to eat healthier now and arm them knowledge to make positive changes in their neighborhoods tomorrow. Through their school gardening program, more children will learn how to transform a barren plot of land into a productive, food-producing plot of land that can feed hungry people. As a part of Hood Gardens school gardening program, children will also learn how to sell excess produce so they can develop business skills that will help serve them well as an adult.

Gardening is an essential learning tool for children to have access too. Unfortunately, schools cannot provide this tool without help from us and organizations like Black Owned And Operated Community Land Trust. Small donations will add up to big changes in the lives of children now and later. A few dollars given today to purchase a donor box can produce future adults that have the knowledge to transform barren, abandoned neighborhoods into lush, green, productive, vibrant neighborhoods. Perhaps even the neighborhood you live in.

The lack of fresh vegetables and fruits are very real for many people living in the inner city. The solution to the problem is very real too, and you can be a part of the solution with a monetary donation today.

Visit one of these websites for more information. www.HoodGardens.com

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