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“Ginseng Force Energy. No caffeine, Real ginseng. Pure energy.”
Ginseng Force Energy is a new kind of energy drink that has never been seen before. It is a product for a market saturated with energy drinks that rely on one ingredient: Caffeine.
Ginseng Force Energy uses pure Korean Red Ginseng extract to provide energy for the whole body and mind. Numerous studies show the benefits of red ginseng helping to Increase metabolism and improve cognitive function. All this without any of the jitters and crashes and other health concerns of caffeine.

We are proud to present Ginseng Force Energy. A new type of energy drink that provides energy without caffeine.  

Years ago, we discovered the power of ginseng.  Specifically, the power of Korean red ginseng.  This type of ginseng is unique and takes a minimum of 6 years to cultivate.  It is the most potent type of ginseng and we want to share it with everyone.

There are countless drinks out that today that say they will give you energy.  These energy drinks today typical energy drink rely on caffeine.  It can cause jitters and jolts and many agree that it just isn’t good for you.  Our energy drink relies on natural red ginseng extract to give you a boost.

Red ginseng has been shown in many studies to increase blood flow and metabolism and improve concentration.  This is the kind of natural energy that many people need and are looking for.  

It has taken many years and countless revisions to finally craft a unique taste that everyone can enjoy.  Ginseng by itself has a unique and powerful flavor that many are unfamiliar with.  However, Ginseng Force Energy has been made so that anyone can drink it.  It is one of a kind and once you try it, you will never forget it or confuse it with anything else. 

Don’t be fooled by others that claim to include ginseng in their products.  If they really used the right ginseng to give you energy, you would definitely notice.  However, all of these drinks merely mention it as one ingredient as a part of their whole energy formula.

Ginseng Force Energy proudly puts ginseng as the main ingredient of our energy drink.  Pure Korean red ginseng extract that you can smell, taste, and feel. 

This is only the beginning for a new revolution in how we get energy.  We are constantly working on new products and new ways to share red ginseng so that everyone can come to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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