Honest Jobs’ Quest to Provide Jobs for Formerly Incarcerated people Receives Boost From Techstars

Honest Jobs’ Quest to Provide Jobs for Formerly Incarcerated people Receives Boost From Techstars

Columbus, OH Led by founder, Harley Blakeman, Honest Jobs is out to help people with criminal records secure jobs quickly with the backing of the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator.

Getting a job after a prison term can be challenging for most people. Honest Jobs intends to change this with an innovative online marketplace that gives prospective employers access to the post-prison population for a meager fee. Through the use of their proprietary PassCheck technology, the site allows potential employers to find out what candidates will suit them best taking into consideration the nature of their past crime.

Honest Jobs is more than just a classified platform for job opportunities, it also aims to bridge the gap between former prisoners who are looking for jobs, and employers who are willing to give them a chance.

Speaking about his experience and the platform, Harley Blakeman, CEO of Honest Jobs said, “We help people with criminal records find employment fast. I am doing this for the men and women who don’t get a voice, a chance, a fair opportunity to rise from their fall.” 

Like most successful individuals, Harley Blakeman, the CEO of Honest Jobs has a compelling back story. He has been a homeless teen and with few good examples to look up to he turned to drugs, became an addict and was sentenced to prison by the time he was 19. When he came out of prison, the only place he could find work was in a Japanese steakhouse kitchen. He worked hard and saved enough money to get an apartment, a car, and a college education. Blakeman transferred to Ohio State Universities Fisher College of Business after a year at Columbus State. In his senior year, he started searching for jobs. Harley also wrote the book Grit: How to Get a Job and Build a Career with a Criminal Record. 

Despite doing well with interviews, he got rejected more than a hundred times because of his felony record. After several trials, he was able to get work in Newark, after about four months since graduation. He got promoted to supervisor after a year and a half. While he was getting a good salary, he quit the job and decided to put up his own company.

In 2018, Blakeman decided to take out his 401k to start a company that could help people with prison records find work. He knew other people were trying desperately to get new careers because they do not want to go back to jail. Initially, Blakeman created an online platform to help former prisoners learn how to rebuild their credit, go to college, and find work. But despite his best efforts, this particular venture did not quite work out. Not one to stay down for too long, he picked himself up and set out for a new venture. In 2019, he founded Honest Jobs with the help of an investor who shelled out $100,000 into the startup company. Recent developments have seen Honest Jobs become one of 11 companies selected to join the Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator. This is largely due to the significant work that the company is making in society. 

For more information, please visit https://www.honestjobs.co/

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