Homeowners Fighting Back Against Water Damage with Mold Remediation in Mesa, AZ

Cooper State Home Builders is a local company providing mold remediation in Mesa, AZ, to property owners experiencing issues with water damage due to leaks or flooding. Mold growth poses a threat to the health of residents and other tenants that are living or working inside of the affected area.

Mold thrives in damp and dark regions. Storm and flood damage can create the ideal environment in a home or business for the growth of mold. The mold itself is a kind of fungus that makes use of spores to reproduce and form colonies. When people breathe in these spores, health risks can arise. Some of the different issues that can develop when these spores are absorbed into the lungs include:




Itchy Eyes

Itchy Skin

Sore Throats

Severe Allergic Reactions

Mold restoration services, such as those performed by the Cooper State Home Builders team, identify the mold’s source, and then work toward eliminating it. Technicians utilize the latest technology to remove any mold or spores from the property of their clients. Once the mold remediation is finished, customers are likely to notice a marked improvement in their indoor air quality.

Water extraction services are also employed at the same time as mold restoration. Since excessive water is usually the cause of mold growth, these services are able to remove the moist conditions that allow for the quick spread of mold and mold spores. Structural repairs could also be needed depending on the severity of the water damage to the home or building.

Schedule a consultation with the team at Cooper State Home Builders by calling them at (480) 744-1411. Further information about their different restoration services can also be found by visiting their Website. Appointments can also be made to visit the team in-person at their office in Mesa, AZ.

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