Hollywood’s Super Talent Audrey Star Launches Sizzling Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Jewelry Collections and Manipulator Dominator Bio Collection©™

Audrey Star is bringing more bling along with health for everyone with the launch of her exclusive Signature collections of gold, diamond and stainless-steel jewelry.

The super talented Hollywood celebrity Audrey Star is excited to announce her latest creative offerings, the Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills Signature Collection comprising exquisite ethnic and hand-made jewelry, and anti-radiation Bio Bracelets for wellbeing as part of the Manipulator Dominator Bio Collection©™.

Audrey Star is bringing more bling along with health for everyone with the launch of her exclusive Signature collections of gold, diamond and stainless-steel jewelry. For the fashionistas of today this is a must-have collection to complement their lifestyle.

The Signature Diamond and the Sun Necklace Collection will mesmerize both wearers and onlookers any time of the day or night. The Star Gold Collection is simply awesome, comprising ethnic bracelets, earrings, diamond rings and wigs, all based on popular designs from the world of fashion jewelry.

The Manipulator Dominator Bio Collection©™ offers magnetic therapy with the help of Bio bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and other jewelry. These help with improving wellbeing, promote good health and manage weight, and protect against radiation. The bracelets and ring necklace also intensify the effect of different lights on the human body. The Collection includes gold-plated jewelry, leather ornaments, and handmade ethnic jewelry.

The Manipulator Dominator Bio©™ is the latest creation in the world of evolutionary medicine and physics. Biomedical research deals with the interplay of biology, energy, and physics of radiation fields in the lower Earth orbit and in deep space, and the impact of environment on the human body. The Evolutionary Medicine Program promotes and facilitates interdisciplinary education and various clinical and scientific disciplines. Evolutionary Medicine is a rapidly growing field that uses the principles of evolutionary biology to better understand, prevent and treat diseases. Manipulator Dominator Bio©™ will help protect plants, animals and humans beings. Audrey Star is the creator of this Collection.

Audrey was recently spotted at a Beverly Hills art gallery, where she was photographed with Oscar nominated director of “Moneyball”, Bennett Miller at an exhibition of AI generated photographs.

Audrey is the first Hollywood star to display so many different talents and aptitudes.

She is the first ever movie star to publish a smash hit, best seller fiction novel, “Cleopatra Jonez”. This truth revealing book follows the adventures of the ancient queen Cleopatra who never died and reappears in the modern world.

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Audrey Star is often hailed as the modern-day ‘Marilyn Monroe’, consistently captivating audiences with her every endeavor. Starting her path to stardom with the highly successful unveiling of her Perfume Collection Atelier, which includes popular scents like “Hollywood Icon” and “Blonde Bombshell”, Audrey has not only made an impact in the fashion and beauty industry but has also explored music and tried her hand at creative ventures like film direction.

About Audrey Star

Audrey Star is a rising Hollywood star, singer, and entrepreneur. With her dynamic personality and exceptional talent, she has captivated audiences worldwide. From her chart-topping music to her successful business ventures, Audrey continues to redefine what it means to be a multi-faceted artist in the entertainment industry.

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