Hollywood Casting Director Releases Onlyfans Competitor.

Hollywood Casting Director releases Onlyfans competitor.  Casting Industry Vet & Talent Manager, Aaron Cox, just released a competing platform to Onlyfans.

Aaron credits the pandemic as the genesis of his platform.  “During the height of the pandemic Hollywood shutdown and not only was I losing work, but the talent I manage weren’t working either. A lot of talent left LA altogether. I was living out of my car for three months. But one day it hit me like ice water… You can throw a rock in LA and hit a model with an Onlyfans account. I have the creative and tech-know-how. And I got to get off these streets.”  

At the same time Strip clubs everywhere had shut down too.  “I had girls calling me from Timbucktoo – many I hadn’t heard from in years asking me for work. There’s really no dignity in being homeless, so I got busy doing what I knew I could do in my car office.”   

Aaron was homeless for 3 months, working relentlessly to get out of his situation. Saving whatever money he could to hire designers and graphic artists to help him develop his platform.  “I was in front of my computer screen so much, I believe it affected my eyesight. Now I need readers to see clearly up close,” said Aaron.

However, why does he think he can compete with Onlyfans?

“Onlyfans approves any Tom & Jane on their platform. It’s oversaturated, and full of a lot of crap. My platform, Models to Millionaires (M2M) is only for Premium ladies that fit my taste.  Now I might not make as much money in the long run as Onlyfans, but I don’t care about that.  My focus is on quality of talent, and quality of life.  I’m committed to funding more mainstream productions and featuring the amazing women I’m working with on the platform in my productions. There still is a shrinking segment of people that attach a stigma to Onlyfans, some are afraid it can hold them back in their careers. Well at Models to Millionaires, I’m committed to using my resources, to move models careers forward.  And I have proven that by launching my Models to Millionaires TV channels on Roku & Amazon Fire TV.”

“I don’t want the average model on Onlyfans, truthfully, the pie is big enough for us both.  I’m very selective about my models, so I’m going to get my slice regardless.”

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