Hoff Parquet Unveils Unparalleled Collections of Authentic Wood Flooring in Edinburgh

Hoff Parquet, wood flooring company based in Edinburgh, proudly introduces new range of wood flooring collections, each meticulously designed to bring a touch of timeless elegance and authenticity to homes and businesses.

Cottage Collection: Hoff Parquet unveils the Cottage Collection, a testament to craftsmanship and authenticity. Crafted from French engineered oak floorboards, this collection showcases a meticulous wire-brushing technique, recreating the timeless allure of aged wood flooring. The undulated surface, well-worn marks, and rounded edges exude charm, while the veins of noble oak are artfully accentuated, presenting a gracefully curved pattern that epitomizes luxury.

Heritage Collection: The Heritage Collection embodies the essence of time with French oak floorboards crafted through an artisanal aging process. Distressed details and delicately chipped edges simulate the authentic patina of well-worn surfaces. The interplay of nuanced shades, captivating color accents, and subtle discoloration around the knots imparts each board with an unparalleled and distinctive character.

Industrial Heritage Collection: Crafted from primarily heartwood, the Industrial Heritage Collection features engineered oak boards with distinctive features such as exposed cracks, open knots, visible sawing marks, discolouration, and oil stains. Optional metallic inserts further enhance the ‘Industrial Heritage’ aesthetic, adding a unique touch to the overall appearance.

Grandeur Collection: The Grandeur Collection of engineered oak hardwood flooring embodies a refined and contemporary aesthetic. Gentle brushing results in a sleek, planed finish that is both consistent and modern, preserving the authentic richness of colors. This collection seamlessly marries modernity with timeless authenticity.

In addition to these exquisite collections, Hoff Parquet is pleased to offer full wood flooring and parquet flooring installation services. Our team of skilled craftsmen ensures a seamless and professional installation process, bringing the beauty of our wood flooring collections to life in your space.

Visit Hoff Parquet wood flooring showroom at 37 Comiston Road, Edinburgh, EH10 6AB, to experience firsthand the unparalleled quality and authenticity of Hoff Parquet’s wood flooring collections.

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About Hoff Parquet:

Hoff Parquet is a distinguished wood flooring company based in Edinburgh, renowned for its commitment to quality craftsmanship and authentic designs. With a focus on timeless elegance, Hoff Parquet offers a diverse range of wood flooring collections, complemented by professional installation services.

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