HLYC Announced The Successful Development Of Clear PVC Formula Compound

After one year of continuous research and development and testing, Hualongyicheng New Material Technology today announced that it had successfully developed a special clear PVC formula. Pipes and pipe fittings produced by using this formula have been tested and proven to have better performance than the others in terms of transparency, impact resistance in low temperature and toughness.

Clear PVC Cables

This clear PVC formula compound is a collection of additives included so that high quality clear PVC products can be achieved. The company points out that they can provide predefined formulations, but if clients want to get their products customized, the technological knowledge Hualongyicheng New Material Technology gained in countless formulations and wide range of applications now allows them to provide tailor made clear solutions for various applications.


Hualongyicheng New Material Technology, a key global specialty PVC chemicals player, will be showcasing its sustainable solutions and highlighting its focus on sustainability and positioning as an enabler of circularity during 2020.

At Hualongyicheng New Material Technology’s core lies the organization’s deep and long-term commitment to sustainability. The company is guided everyday by its sustainability vision, objectives and corporate values and aims to align ecological awareness with economic necessities and a heightened sense of social responsibility across all its business activities. Dedicated to doing everything it can to contribute to a more sustainable world, the company is using the opportunity in 2020 to demonstrate how its commitment and strategy are contributing to accelerating the transition towards a circular economy in the plastics industry, and how it is positioning itself to be an enabler of circularity.

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