HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd Unveils Their Highly Anticipated Induction Heating Reactors Tank Vessels

Celebrating over 2 decades of experience in induction heating, HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd were pleased to announce their induction heating reactors tank vessels. Much like many of their previous products, these are designed and produced with the highest quality in mind.

HLQ Induction Equipment Co, Ltd has been a long provider of unbridled induction equipment. Their induction heating has been a focal point for their business since the very beginning. This is largely because it can easily be applied to virtually any vessel or pipe system needing a source of heat. 

The company manages to stand out by catering to customer specifications and needs. They realize that every project differs in a multitude of ways. As such, they strive to perfect their induction heating vessels for the specific customer purchasing it. This approach to customization has allowed them to remain the premier induction heating reactors for many people. 

Their induction heating machine is able to ensure no physical contact between induction coil and heating vessel wall. Furthermore, with reduced heat loss and a rapid start-up and shut-down protocol, the vessel has no thermal inertia. HLQ Induction Equipment Co., Ltd also stated that the vessel has one of the lowest running costs in the market, alongside a highly flexible and simple method of operation. With little to no maintenance involved and consistently high-quality production, this has become one of the finest options available at HLQ Induction Equipment. 

Given their success over the past 20 years, HLQ Induction Equipment plans to continue providing customers with consistent quality. Their hope is to not only uphold upon their existing standard, but to improve upon it even further. 

About HLQ Induction Equipment Co., LTD:

HLQ INDUCTION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD formerly known as, DaWei Induction Heating Machine Co., Ltd specializes in induction Heating machines and ultrasonic welding machines manufacturing and marketing. The company has been working in this for over 15 years. The machines cover Automatic Surface Hardening & Tempering Machines, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welder, Air Cooled Induction Heating Machines, Flexible Brazing Systems, Auto Induction Forging Furnace, complete induction hardening system, Aluminum and Copper Melting Furnaces, Compact Adhesive Curing Systems Efficient Tube Welders & Thermal Straightening Systems. 

They are wildly used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting, preheating and heat fitting solutions. Transistor converters from 500Hz to 2.0MKHz frequency & IGBT power sizes from 5 to 2000 KW.

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