Hit Single ‘Thin Door’ To Be Released as Part Of Mezonoize’s First Music Album

The album titled ‘Perfect Pyramid’ is Mezonoize’s first ever instrumental music project

October 19, 2018 – Mezonoize proudly announced that he would be releasing a hit instrumental single titled ‘Thin Door’ on the 24th of October, 2018. ‘Thin Door’ is a part of Mezonoize first ever instrumental music album ‘Perfect Pyramid’.

Although ‘Thin Door’ has not been released, Mezonoize has organized an event on his website to promote the forthcoming release of the song. The event would give an opportunity to three musicians who would get their solos published on the Limited Edition single CD of ‘Perfect Pyramid’. 

To ejoy this music please watch the video below:

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/_ObcnB1MRNQ

The album ‘Perfect Pyramid’, is a six track instrumental concept album about a journey. Its tracks are about journeys within or outside ourselves, in this or to another planet, and how we can all experience them in our own different ways. Furthermore, a normalization track to get back home is also included in the album.

The ‘Perfect Pyramid’ album which is a work in progress was composed, played, and produced by guitarist Roberto Andreani. ‘Perfect Pyramid’ is available for pre-order on Mezonoize’s website, and would be released in 2019. The project is being sponsored by revenues generated by pre-orders.

In a recent interview, Roberto was asked about the inspirations behind ‘Perfect Pyramid’. He said “The whole album is dedicated to my life partner Silvia Pugliesi and to Mike Oldfield, the musician who inspired me. Without them, the album would not have been possible”. He continued, “I believe that instruments help translate your inner things into something that others can understand. Hopefully, with this album, instrumental music would get the recognition and attention it deserves”.

If you are a musician and would love to have your solo featured on the limited edition of  ‘Perfect Pyramid’ visithttps://www.mezonoize.com/s13-your-solo-on-the-limited-edition-single-cd

For more information about ‘Thin Door’ and ‘Perfect Pyramid’, please visit https://www.mezonoize.com/ or send an email to music@mezonoize.com

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