History repeats itself, Titanic Style Disaster, Millions of Dollars Lost Due To Cloud Outage from AWS & Microsoft Hosting

According to businessinsider & DownDetector.com, On 21st March, the online services of Microsoft including Outlook.com, Xbox Live, Office 365, Hotmail, OneDrive, the Windows Store and more went down due to a nationwide cloud outage. This was incidentally the second Microsoft outage in March 2017.

Similarly, in First week of March, Amazon Web Services Cloud outage costed hundreds of millions of dollars to AWS customers including S&P 500 and financial services industry alone. The downtime of AWS & Microsoft Cloud Outage shows that still after 103 years after the sinking of Titanic, we haven’t learnt much.

On April 15th, the Titanic Disaster completed its 103rd. The sinking of Titanic resulted in loss of more than 1500 lives but before that disaster it was considered to be “the safest ship ever built” Needless to say, people thought of the ship the same way they think for Cloud Services today, because of the wrong perception “Cloud Never Goes Down”

I spoke to Cloud Experts from IndSoft Systems ( Indsoft.net ) a leading private cloud hosting provider, To consider in perspective with Titanic what cloud Hosting Customer should Learn from such Disaster.

Emergency Backup is important: On the day, when Titanic was sinking, there was another Californian ship within a radius of 30 miles of Titanic. The crew even saw the flares & intercepted requests for emergency response. In the same manner, people using Cloud Hosting services never take the Disaster recovery plan seriously. Perhaps, every Cloud user should have an Emergency backup plan. What if cloud goes down or if there’s some issue with the service provider. This suggests backing up your complete data with another Cloud Hosting Provider, hosted on a different network and keep both the web copies in sync.

Necessity of Adequate Tools & Protection: Titanic ship never had adequate safety equipment. The ways to avoid meltdown along with AWS and Microsoft are essentially various ways to create redundancy into the system. Subscribe for Managed DNS Services to promptly switch to backup location.  Companies can retain multiple copies of saved data & virtual machines in different data centers situated in different physical zones.

Training is essential: Not only the ship was not supplied with sufficient life boats; even the scheduled lifeboat training was also cancelled. If adequate training was provided to the ship’s crew, they could have potentially saved more lives.

In a similar fashion, Cloud user should be ready with an effective action plan before any undesirable event takes place so that they can act promptly to activate backup server or wait for resolution.

So, even after 103 years of sinking of the Titanic, still there are many lessons to be learnt from the tragedy and safety improvements to be done, especially to avoid going down with AWS and Microsoft Cloud Hosting providers.

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