Hikenex is Redefining Convenience with the launch of new digital currency platform

Apr 24, 2018 – Hong Kong – Hikenex Exchange has officially launched its platform, listing over thirty coins, including the leading cryptocurrencies of the current market. Their goal of ensuring unparalleled customer convenience, resonates their vision of establishing cryptocurrencies in the mainstream industry sectors.

Designed with an extremely user friendly interface, it hopes to facilitate ease of trade even for first-time cryptocurrency traders. Their base markets include widely accepted cryptocurrencies and the transaction fees remain minimal at 0.20%, thus all the investors can be assured of profitable transactions at low cost.

Hikenex goes a step beyond by not just focusing on the investor’s money, but also their time. The exchange promises minimal downtime and lag time. Hikenex wants its users to be assured that the platform is competitive to stand strong in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

To serve a larger audience, they have developed a platform that facilitates transactions and trading for multiple currencies. To provide assurance to first time users, Hikenex has given special attention to the security of the exchange.

Creating a security-locked smooth functioning, they have not only deployed the best technology but also employed a dedicated team to monitor all the systems on Hikenex platform. All Hikenex users can save on transaction fees when they need to transfer coins from one wallet to another within the Hikenex exchange.

If two parties know each other personally, the transfer can be enabled with the help of a unique address for a secure transaction. This incurs no cost, making it a Zero-Fee transaction.

Hikenex Exchange has also announced the launch of the Hiken Token. The Hikentoken will majorly be used as a utility token to facilitate and streamline trading on exchanges. It will also bridge the gap between new traders and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Through the referral scheme on the Hikenex exchange users can earn the Hikentoken as well as make benefits out of the trading fees of the referred. While the base markets on the exchange include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Hikentoken, they welcome listing from not only the high demand cryptocurrencies of the market, but also upcoming coins that emerge in market. 

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