Highlander: The Series Receives Limited Poster Run

Highlander Legends will Strike along with other Major Productions

Nearly 20 years ago, Highlander: The Series brought fans of the popular Highlander movies into the world of Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul). Spinning off from the films, The Series began in 1992 as a TV movie/pilot featuring Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) passing the torch to his immortal Highland-cohort Duncan. The show ran until 1998, digging deeper into mythos of the franchise – including “The Game” between immortals and the “Quickening,” when the winning duelist received their adversary’s power and knowledge – than the films were able to explore.

Highlander’s TV incarnation became an international hit and was nominated for several honors in the science fiction and fantasy communities. Now, fans of the cult series can bring home a little piece of the adventure.

Startup Alchemy Comics is releasing a limited lineup based on the popular fantasy/sci-fi spinoff. Each poster in the “Highlander Legends” collection will further explore the fascinating backstories behind Duncan MacLeod, as well as his allies and enemies. The first release, ‘The Dark Warrior,’ captures the third season premiere, ‘The Samurai,’ in muted colors, reconstructing Duncan’s first battle with an immensely powerful samurai immortal. Take a look at Burgos stunning artwork below:

AC HI 002 Highlander: The Series Receives Limited Poster Run

Highlander Legends Poster by Ruiz Burgos courtesy of Alchemy Comics

Each officially licensed poster measures 14 x 36 inches, is screen printed and hand-numbered, and will only be available until the current pressing sells out (there can be only one!). ‘The Dark Warrior’ lists at $35, with a full run of 200 posters, while a variant katana edition, featuring silver foil highlights, retails for $45. Pre-sales began on Ausgust 30, 2016 and will last until the final poster ships. Alchemy will also follow up ‘The Dark Warrior’ with several other posters based on artistic perceptions from the syndicated series. They’ll also team with Troma to produce an officially-licensed Toxic Avenger poster in the future. Fans can pick up one of Alchemy’s gorgeous Highlander prints here.

Clearly, interest in Highlander series remains high. Last spring, director Cedrick Nicolas-Troyan gave fans an update on the reboot’s progress, saying that it’s moving forward, albeit slowly. Rumors and false starts have hounded several comeback attempts for the cult franchise, likely disappointing many devotees. Hopefully, fans’ continued devotion to Highlander and its rich fantasy history will keep the series moving forward.

After all, reboots and remakes from the ’80s and ’90s are all the rage these days. A Lethal Weapontelevision series is on its way, and a Crow remake is slated to begin filming next year. Assuming the trend continues, it could only be a matter of time before Highlander makes its triumphant return to the screen.

Episodes of Highlander: The Series are available through Amazon Prime.

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