Higher Quality Is Synonym for Airwheel intelligent Standing Electric Scooters

Difficulties concerning electric devices keep propping up. But Airwheel will continue to move the obstacles and engage in producing the most comfortable and practical electric vehicles with best quality for users.

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Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding in choice they make. The good and bad electric scooters are intermingled in the industry. It is difficult to find the most reliable and desirable product. But Airwheel electric scooter has always aimed to provide cost effective products with best quality.

two-wheeled electric scooter Z5 

The breaking news recently is the lithium battery explosion of Samsung smart phones. Last year, many faulty hoverboards have also exploded when charging and burned down several houses. Battery is a key part to electric devices. Airwheel guarantees that the Li-ion battery is something that the company would never skimp on. To name a few Airwheel products, like Smart Electric Bike E3 and E6 , they are all coupled with car-level Li-ion battery, which is light and delicate. The batteries for the two vehicles are replaceable. The battery has 6-fold protection and enjoys safer performance. It has also been designed with a USB port to charge other electric devices.

Airwheel intelligent mini electric scooter 

The concept that Airwheel has persisted is to enable its electric devices to be portable. From intelligent self-balancing unicycles to two-wheeled electric scooter Z5, the weight of these vehicles are strictly controlled. People might doubt that will the quality be sacrificed to achieve a lighter weight? Definitely not. The perfect combination of materials and structure design has made it possible for small vehicles to carry heave load. Airwheel has chosen high quality but light-weighted aluminum alloy materials to build the frame of the vehicles. Besides, taking Airwheel folding e bike E6 for example, it is designed in a patented X shape, which can be folded. The steadfast framework enables E6 to bear a weight almost six times heavier than its own weight.

Airwheel intelligent mini electric scooter wishes to win good word of mouth with its superior products and in turn, the good word-of-mouth brings in more customers. The failure of hoverboards have taught the whole industry a lesson. Novelty of the electric commuting devices may intrigue people for a short period but the quality determines how long the company can go. Airwheel will brace itself for a rough ride.

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