HHC Center Launches EMDR Therapy for PTSD Patients

The festive season comes with good news for psychotherapy patients in Vaughan. Holistic Healthcare Center has launched EMDR Therapy for PTSD patients.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The festive season comes with good news for psychotherapy patients in Vaughan. Holistic Healthcare Center has launched EMDR Therapy for PTSD patients. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a modern therapy trend that’s used to help patients who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and are having a hard time talking about their experience.

Over the decades, therapy techniques have majored on speech as one of the most effective methods of achieving healing. Patients have sit-down sessions with the therapist and have verbal discussions about what they have gone through. In the process of talking, patients get relief from the trauma that they experienced. They also come up with actionable strategies and new thought processes that inform positive behaviour.

However, in the case of PTSD patients, some levels of trauma are too severe for individuals to open up. Talk therapy tends to aggravate the problem and make patients worse. That’s why there has been a need to come up with an alternative but equally effective technique of treating post-traumatic stress disorder.

EMDR Therapy is a revolutionary technique that does not require patients to talk but helps them work through the trauma and reduce the power of traumatizing memories. The treatment is ideal for various kinds of traumas, including sexual assault, car accidents, domestic violence, natural and human-made disasters, and many more. EMDR is not just suitable for PTSD patients; it can also help treat anxiety disorders, addictions, panic attacks, and eating disorders. In any instance where talk therapy isn’t effective, EMDR therapy can be a suitable alternative.

How does EMDR Therapy Work?

As the name suggests, EMDR therapy involves manipulating eye movements to reduce the power of traumatic memories and their influence on the brain. During the treatment session, the therapist asks the patient to focus on a traumatic event or image. They then ask the patient to do a series of simultaneous bilateral eye movements following an external stimulus, for example, watching the therapist move their hand or finger. After each set of bilateral movements, the therapist enquires about how the patient is feeling. This process is repeated until the memory no longer traumatizes the patient.

EMDR has proven to be a useful technique for reducing the effect of traumatizing memories. As patients learn eye movements that make them feel better, they can practice them in-between session when a trauma attack hits them. HHC’s spokesperson states, “Our EMDR therapy sessions are aimed at reducing the patient’s level of distress after every meeting. We ask patients to rate their level of distress after every session to determine how well the technique is working.”

About Holistic Healthcare Center

Holistic Healthcare Center is a leading treatment center for physical and mental health issues. The facility focuses on a holistic approach to physical and psychological health. They help patients to manage their health naturally without the use of drugs. Their holistic approach to healthcare involves techniques such as therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, homeopathy, and many others. Instead of focusing on specific symptoms such as headaches or digestive problems, the practitioners holistically address the condition. They focus on healing the mind and body to provide a long-term solution to physical and mental health issues.

HHC doesn’t only deal with sick individuals. They encourage both the healthy and unhealthy to come in and get help to achieve optimal health. They offer services such as life coaching, family and group therapy, mindfulness and meditation training, nutrition tips, acupuncture, and reflexology. All these services help patients achieve optimal physical and mental health and increase their productivity.

Holistic Healthcare Center is transforming hundreds of lives in Vaughan daily with their treatments. The introduction of EMDR Therapy will bring tremendous improvements in the lives of individuals who have long battled with PTSD.

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