Hg Network Information Services Shows Remarkable Growth And Establishes As An Independent Business Branch

HG Network Information Services (“HG”), a trailblazer in the advertising industry, officially announced its establishment as an independent business branch in August 2018, following a successful pilot phase initiated in March 2018. The company has rapidly expanded its global presence, covering 20 countries and numerous regions worldwide, operating in diverse fields such as advertising operations, elevator media, short video entertainment, new media finance, and more.

Since its inception, HG has been at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to developing cutting- edge products that redefine the advertising industry. With an unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality services, HG has earned a stellar reputation for excellence, creating over one million jobs in various countries and regions. This not only contributes significantly to economic growth but also plays a vital role in promoting social stability.

During its trial operation from July 2018 to July 2019, HG experienced an astonishing month-on- month growth rate of up to 59%, showcasing the rapid development of the company’s business.

This remarkable achievement underscores HG’s position as a leader in the advertising industry and highlights its commitment to continuous innovation.

HG has set its sights on a global footprint, with a strategic vision to expand its successful business model to additional countries and regions. The company aims to create more job opportunities, further contributing to economic prosperity, and to maintain its leadership in advertising innovation.

The mission of HG is encapsulated in its commitment to progress continually, provide outstanding services to its customers, and achieve greater success on a global scale.

About HG Video Media Foundation:

HG Video Media Foundation is a dynamic force in the advertising industry, committed to leading innovation and providing top-quality services globally. Established in August 2018, the company has rapidly expanded its reach, covering 20 countries and multiple regions, with a diverse portfolio spanning advertising operations, elevator media, short video entertainment, new media finance, and more. HG is dedicated to creating job opportunities and contributing to both economic growth and social stability. Visit www.hgleg.com for more information.

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