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The Heypirateproxy is an online entertainment platform that helps to set one’s own proxy. It is useful in many countries where the piratebay is blocked. The reasons for creating a pirate proxy website are to replace the functionalities of the pirate bay proxy. It is more helpful in pirate bay blocked countries.

Pirate Bay was founded in 2003. It was first launched by the Swedish think tank Piratbryan. The Heypirateproxy allows its users to create magnet links that are 100% safe and trusted with crypto miners. It offers links of several piratebay proxy that are the alternative to the pirate bay links. These links are used as reference sources to download peer-peer networks. A user can begin downloading the desired content in these sites without registration or email address

Apart from offering links to the various piratebay proxy, it also gives guidelines on starting a new proxy. In order to start a new proxy, one just has to create it online and submit the link to the heypirateproxy site. The promotion, traffic and the peers of the site are all taken care. As the number of seeders is as important as the number of the downloader, the site offers various social marketing strategies to increase the traffic.

They achieve this through their unique self-designed web server called NGINX. This server runs on RED hat OS which is highly resistant to malware. The site offers more flexible installation packages of NGINX. They also provide a detailed step by step procedure to install the NGINX modules. In certain countries, due to security norms, the pirate proxy gets blocked. And one is forced to change the domain name in that country alone. Such issues are very well taken care by the hyperpirateproxy as they allow linking the newly addressed domain with its previous name on the link. This helps to reduce the downtrends faced due to the change of domain names

The website also helps to increase the number of voters. Not all the piratebay proxy use a voting system to increase the traffic in their site. It saves the voting information and with that information, the user can easily determine the best proxy available with the site or linked through the site. Visit the website at https://heypirateproxy.com to get the knowledge about pirate proxy.

It also allows feedback to be generated within the site about the proxy links. Though they are all magnet links, due to dot compliance problems, they get blocked. Such links are immediately removed from the site with the help of feedback from the users. It also offers to poll. This helps the users to easily identify the link that got used frequently. By this, if the proxy being posted is updated regularly with new audio, video and other entertainment files, it reaches the top place very soon!

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