Heron Corporation Acquires Assets from Flush Self-Pierce Riveting Business

Heron Corporation Acquires Assets from Flush Self-Pierce Riveting Business

Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, a leading provider of metal joining equipment, has acquired the business assets of flush self-pierce riveting specialist AKH Inc. with main facilities in Danville, Indiana. The partial asset purchase offers Heron exclusive rights to sell the AKH fas-ner and an opportunity to serve a fast-growing assembly market in North America, with state-of-the art riveting technology.

AKH is a pioneer and market leader in flush self-piercing rivet (FSPR), a mechanical fastening process for joining two or more sheets of material where welding is difficult, e.g. aluminum and steel. The majority of AKH assets, which had been privately owned for over 40 years, was purchased from the family of the late George Hahn. Heron had agreed in principle to acquire AKH assets in November 2023 with negotiations led by AKH President Gary Caulk.

“We are excited to welcome the Flush Self-Pierce Riveting technology into the Heron family,” said Rene Zou, Head of International Business Development & ESG, Heron Intelligent Equipment. “This acquisition not only broadens our product offerings but also underscores our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We look forward to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value through this strategic acquisition.

Heron purchased its first production line from AKH in January 2019 and developed a complete rivet solution for high-end sports cars manufactured by GAC Group. The acquisition aligns with Heron’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging the advanced technology and expertise from the Flush SPR business, Heron aims to deliver enhanced fastening solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. With Heron’s investment, AKH will be able to serve more segments in the e-mobility industry, with advanced joining technologies, as well as design and manufacturing solutions. The brand will continue to do business as “AKH-Heron Technologies”. Adam Blaikie will be the new President of Heron Technologies USA Inc. (doing business as AKH-Heron Technologies).

Customers will benefit from Heron Corporation’s expanded capabilities and improved service offerings. The integration of Flush SPR technology will enable Heron to offer a more comprehensive range of fastening solutions, ensuring greater flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing processes. Additionally, customers can expect continued support and access to the high-quality products and services they have come to trust from both Heron and the former Flush SPR business.

Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is a high-tech metal connection equipment manufacturer that specialises in the R&D and manufacturing of resistance welding, clinching and riveting technology. Established in 1991, Heron has developed advanced welders and automated production lines for customers in the automotive parts & components, compressor, low-voltage electronics, home appliances, industrial manufacturing, among other industries. In 2023, Heron had more than 400 skilled employees and a factory of 54,000 square meters.

AKH Inc. is a leading provider of riveting solutions. The company serves customers in industries including automotive, appliances, trucking and industrial manufacturing. The company was founded in 1981 and has sold to over 500 customers spanning North America. Principal product development and customers are located in the U.S. 

AKH-Heron Technologies was founded in 2024 as the R&D Solutions Lab for AKH and Heron. Principal product development, manufacturing, customer support and marketing is currently located in Indianapolis, Indiana. AKH-Heron designs, develops and manufactures solutions to complex material joining problems for OEMs, tier suppliers, and integrators of the global automotive, motor, electrical and appliance industries.

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