Heroic Game Day Announces the Summer Skills Learning Program that will Reverse the Summer Slide for Every Student that Participates…Guaranteed

Heroic Game Day Announces the Summer Skills Learning Program that will Reverse the Summer Slide for Every Student that Participates...Guaranteed
America is losing its competitive edge because it continues to fall behind in education. Why not utilize the 8-10 weeks of summer break to create a “summer surge” rather than letting kids and schools suffer from the “summer slide”?

Columbus, OH – The 2023-24 school year is quickly drawing to a close, and students are staring at 8-10 weeks of summer vacation. Will they return to school equipped with new skills and motivated to learn, or will many of them simply fall victim to the “summer slide?”

Summer school comes in different forms, but they are all based on old reteaching models that are costly, intermittent, often perceived as punitive, and, by most measures, ineffective.

Heroic Game Day is the preferred alternative to grandpa’s remedial summer school,” says Dr. Tom Reed, Co-founder of America’s Heroic School. “The Heroic Skills Summer World Cup is a flexible, online solution that doesn’t require a summer school teacher, a computer lab or even a classroom. With a device and an internet connection, every student can engage in fun, effective skills learning activities for as many days, for as much time per day as they want, anywhere they want.”

When kids want to learn and compete, miraculous things happen. Real learning happens.

“We are so confident students  will want to engage and compete with their peers across the state, country and even world, that we guarantee any student who competes in the Heroic Skills Summer World Cup will return to school more motivated and skilled than when they left”, states Scott Dow, President of Heroic Game Day, “If schools are not 100% satisfied with the results, they simply don’t have to pay us.”

Key features include:

  • Unlimited access to the Heroic Skills Summer World Cup for every student on any device at any time. (For maximum impact, it is strongly encouraged to send students home with their Chromebook for the summer).

  • Trained “Skills Coaches” who encourage and help the students when they need it.

  • Real time data tracking of school’s progress on the Heroic Skills Summer World Cup national leaderboard.

  • Individual “summer report card” detailing student learning progress

  • Rewards such as chromebooks and tablets for outstanding participants

  • Extensive PR coverage highlighting student achievements and school innovation.

  • A first-of-its-kind “Free Market Learning” agreement based solely on student results and satisfaction. It’s simple. At the end of the summer, if the student has participated and there is satisfaction with the results, then payment follows. Otherwise, there is no obligation to pay.

  • These summer months could very well be the ones that change students’ lives. Heroic Game Day can help make it happen with no additional time or resources required from parents or teachers – just a willingness to step outside the box and see the limitless possibilities.

For more information, please contact Ohio’s Heroic Game Day commissioner and lifelong educator (40 years and counting), Dr. Tom Reed, to enroll and ready to go for the summer.

About Heroic Game Day

Heroic Game Day provides the solution for governments, nonprofits and families that want their children to be productive and prosperous members of society when they grow up. Its kid-driven, game-based skills learning app is powered by selected learning, child management, and training apps that motivate kids and their families to learn how to create wealth, be active and healthy and learn great character, and to control technology rather than it controlling them. Its goal is to enroll 100 million new students over the next 5-10 years – mainly coming from the 7-14-year-old market. Heroic Game Day will become synonymous with helping governments and parents around the world help their kids succeed.

About America’s Heroic School

America’s Heroic School complements traditional public and private schools as a “bolt-on” supplement that delivers academic, social, and healthy deliverables to schools while maintaining their autonomy. It is powered by Heroic Game Day, which has been in the making for the past decade, basically using technology (game-based learning, data-driven intelligence, and blockchain) to connect, engage, and deliver world-leading academic, social, and health results that will retain America’s leadership position in the world. This is an extremely scalable education system that can educate one child with the same effectiveness as it can with a million. We know if a student spends 30 mins per day in the game, they will not only become proficient in the Top 20 critical life skills, but they will also become proficient at their math and reading state tests.

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