Here’s Why a Survival Seed Kit is a Must-Have for Doomsday Preppers

“Heirloom survival seed kit for doomsday preppers”
Home and Garden America explains why doomsday preppers should always have a survival seed kit for their long-term survival.

Carson City, NV, November 15, 2017 – Of all the survival supplies available today, a survival seed kit has got to be one of the most essential items for doomsday prepping. Since doomsday preparedness takes to account a prepper’s long-term food supply, a survival seed kit is a must-have if a regular food source is desired. Through survival gardening and homesteading, doomsday preppers can secure their future food supply as long as they have a survival seed kit that delivers in the hour of need.

An heirloom company in Nevada called Home and Garden America recently emphasized the importance of a seed kit for survival purposes. A spokesperson said that while canned foods and other food items may be helpful, they are not enough to sustain a prepper family in the long run.

“In an extreme scenario such as the dreaded doomsday, only those with the foresight to plan for the long term will thrive. Food is obviously one of the top necessities for survival, so it’s crucial to have a continuous food source not just for post-disaster recovery but also for long-term survival from then on. For this reason, a survival seed kit becomes tremendously valuable because it regularly produces food,” said the spokesperson.

By planting the seeds in a garden, preppers can have a variety of fresh foods to feed on. From beans to watermelons, anything can be grown as long as the right seeds are available. Growing food all year round is also possible: by knowing which crops grow best in each particular season, preppers can harvest fresh and nutritious foods throughout the year.

Herbs can also be planted for culinary and medicinal reasons. Fruits and veggies may provide humans with the necessary nutrients but herbs are equally vital in a survival scenario. They can be used not just for seasoning food but more importantly for creating medicinal remedies to treat wounds, infections and ailments.

Aside from being a reliable source of food and natural remedies, a survival seed kit is also coveted for giving doomsday preppers the real security they need. Without seeds, it would be difficult to survive in a post-apocalyptic situation where resources are limited and everyone is struggling to eat. But by having access to survival seeds, doomsday preppers will not only survive but thrive after the disaster—which is the whole point of survival preparedness.

“It would be useless for preppers to survive doomsday but not be equipped to live thereafter. Long-term survival should always be the main motivation, so supplies must be chosen for their effectivity and longevity. Having a survival seed kit can really go a long way in helping your family thrive in the long run,” the spokesperson further remarked.

Further information on doomsday survival is available at the Home and Garden America website.

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Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. The small family-owned business supplies doomsday preppers with a survival seed kit for long-term storage.

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